Space Battleship Yamato/Star Blazers Live Action

Just a short teaser trailer, but the arrow pattern on the jacket, the dark goggles, the music, the Wave Motion Engine link shaft…totally nostalgiatastic.

Nostalgiatastic indeed. I loved me some Star Blazers when I was a kid, and I will definitely watch the shit out of this.

Live Action Starblazers!

Color me interested, very interested.

that looks goofy as hell when translated to live action

in other news, 4 yamato movies are on netflix streaming on demand now

It’s a goofy anime really.

I hope the space battles are just a ridiculously over board as the animated stuff.

If it’s 2 1/2 hours of space battles, I’d be happy, as long as they’re good battles :p

Dude, it’s a series about a WW2 battleship turned into a spaceship to fight off aliens. Your forest is chock full of trees.

Can’t not see this.

Hell, watching some of the comet empire stuff…I’ve have 2 of the 3 seasons, can’t seem to find the bolar wars.

The Argo (Yamato) is the swiss army knife of battleships. Hell, it attacked the lower half of the comet empire with TORPEDOES, not photon/proton or energy, fooking sub torpedoes, when it was floating in an ocean of earths.

Would be such a great action flick.

Never heard of this Space Battleship Yamato stuff.

I don’t believe you, “Desslock”

Try the American name, “Star Blazers”.

Also, this

I also own one of these :)

I also heard that a US company picked up the rights to Star Blazers/Space Battleship Yamato in recent years. Transformers sort of sparked a run in giant robot things, which caused Toby Maguire to pick up the rights for a live action Robotech/Macross, and that caused a run on Japanese anime properties loved by Gen X’ers. Of course, Hollywood picks up rights for everything just in case; a lot of stuff never makes it out of development hell.

lol, his forum name is the same as the leader of the Gamilons.

I think he knows about it, or it’s just chance that he chose the name and has no idea :p

No. He’s a fan of this guy:

but he has a pronounced lisp.

Wow. Do want.

LOOKS goofy

i know that the concept IS goofy

but now it LOOKS goofy too

It looks like the same folks that did Final Wars (at least the f/x do), which was also a ton of fun.

I’d pay real money to see this fight…





Holy shit.

Somewhere, he is smirking at you and throwing a goblet of wine over his shoulder, after taking one drink from it.

That’s Leader Desslock to you dog! :)

I would love for this to not suck and be some Wave Motion goodness. I still break out the anime series on DVD every once and while. Now if they could only do robotech Macross with Hunter and Folker and some ass kicking veritechs…and Min Mei has a sore throat and can’t sing. :)