Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)


Whooooaaaa you guys.


I remember looking at 3030 before and not being all that interested, but looking at it again, it reminds me of Escape Velocity…


That’s part of its charm.


What the heck? Wasn’t that out even before Jumpgate?


JG was in beta for a year or so, but yeah, this released a touch before JG went live in 2001, IIRC.



Have you or can you take a look at this game:


Nice find. I’m intrigued as well.


At first look, it looks like a better, meatier version of Sid Meier’s Starships.


Ancient Frontier is a turn-based strategy role-playing game set in deep space in the far future. Players will explore, conquer, pillage, or liberate the frontiers of space.

My goodness. Wishlisted.


I’ve got it and hope to dive in tonight or this weekend.


Katie bar the door! Too many turn based space strategy games. Who’d a thunk such a thing just a few years ago?

The combat looks kinda like Age of Wonders III in space. If the tactical AI is as good as AOW3 that would be marvelous. Destructible terrain and cover, oui!

Is there a price listed?


$24.99 as I recall from a forum discussion.


Report back, posthaste!



Er…I mean…sure!


Not sure if you’ve seen this new project Brian - Star Zeal on indiegogo from a South African dev.


I did not, thank you!


Scored as a “wait for sale.” But the bug he mentions has since been fixed.


25% off Ancient Frontier until 9/28.


OMG Astrox Imperium announced!


That looks orders of magnitude better than the original. But man, I really, really wish that mining caused smaller rocks to be discharged from where you were mining and had to be sucked up. There’s something about the beam auto-magically depositing ore into your cargo that seems much less satisfying.