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Is that good or bad.

I tried out Children of a Dead Earth. You think that you know approximately how bad the UI is going to be going in to the game. You don’t. There is no possible way that you, as an outsider, fully understand how hostile and terrible the user interface is. I’ve been to that hell and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone else.

Geez, I didn’t think it was that bad.

You have 286 games on that list!

I fully expect it to be upgraded to 386 soon.

Did someone remove the Like button? I can’t seem to find it.

I am afraid I have to agree. It ruined the game for me, or it might not, the ui is so hostile I could never tell. Its a shame because the game concept is great.

I had to think about this for a few seconds, and then laughed out loud.

Yup, that was pretty great, although a seriously deep cut. Who remembers the 286?

Anyway, kudos to @cicobuff.

I remember spending something like $2K on one. I was thrilled.

Sheesh was PC stuff expensive back in the day. 2000 1980-something dollars was a LOT of cheese.

Was it this one or Astrox Imperium that was good for chilling out? I seem to recall one of them was.

Both are good. There is less fighting in Helium Rain so I would probably give it the nod. But Astrox is super relaxed as well really. You can almost always run away.

Edit: Actually I will give it to Astrox because Helium Rain doesnt start with auto pilot docking. It uses the backwards Elite system of starting you wasting time on manual controls before you get to use the proper automated ones. Although not as bad as Elite (you get past it quickly and I think in the new patch you can now research docking immediately) its still irritating when you start out. So I would go Astrox Imperium for super chill.

But if you do get helium Rain, yeah research docking first. There is zero upside to manual control.

Hey @BrianRubin did you guys ever end up playing Watch Dogs 2 yesterday? Not seeing it on your channel.

We didn’t, sorry, wasn’t feeling up to it, postponed it a couple of weeks.

@Rod_Humble @RichVR @BrianRubin I picked up Astrox Imperium on sale and played for about 90 minutes. I found it extremely well made but the universe felt bland and generic. Before I hit the no-refund 2 hour mark, I wanted to hear from you if that first impression is wrong. I don’t need crazy shit, just some personality and sense of a unique game world.

I personally thought it has personality, but keep in mind he still has lots to add.


I feel the same as Brian. But if you aint feeling it then the vibe stays pretty similar during the game so its not going to suddenly change.

Thank you both. I decided to keep it, and keep at it. The sale price is small and I trust both of your judgments. Also want to support an indie dev who is dedicated to the project.


I’m thinking of picking it up too. It’s been on my radar since the dev was on Brian’s SGJ podcast a while back. It’s a super ambitious project if he gets even half of what he’s planning in there.