Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

Well, you can’t tweak it with the included software, THAT no longer works. However, when you plug in the stick, Windows 7 at least sees it perfectly, and it works like a fucking champ.

I like mine so much I purchased a second as a backup. Might even get a third somewhere down the line just in case.

Which throttle do you use, Brian? I’ve got a FF2 as well, and generally just use keyboard for throttle since it’s so awkward to use the one on the stick itself.

Play lots of space sims, civlilian flight sims, Arma, etc … so it seems like a throttle might be a reasonable investment to go with my FF2 and CH Pedals.

The CH software has also never worked for me, so you aren’t alone.

I found a separate Saitek X-52 throttle that works great. For sims that support multiple devices like Elite or Evochron, that is. Older games like Freespace 2 only wanna see one device, so for them I use the little throttle on the stick itself, which works great.

Too bad they don’t sell these separately. $50 used on ebay for just the throttle seems a poor deal when the throttle + stick sells for $130 new. I’ll add it to my watch list. Thanks!

Do the suction cups do a decent enough job holding it fast? I keep reading about solutions to keep the throttle from slipping around, but I need something I can put away when not in use.

I actually found one for $20, so I was happy about that. I also use a wooden mounting solution that uses velcro, so I’ve never used the suction cups:

Don’t worry, I’ve cleaned up the wiring since then.

Brian did you build that, or buy it from somewhere?

I wish. It’s called Hands on Throttle and Stick Support (yes, H.O.T.A.S.S.) and it was sold in the late 90s just in time for simulations to die, so barely anyone bought one. I’ve had it for 16 years and I love it, but you can’t buy 'em anymore, sadly.

You’re killing me here, Brian.

Calling Brian Rubin!

Thank you!

Can I just say, I love that you folks think of me when you find stuff like that? :) Warms the heart it does, so again, thank you. :)

Of course we think of you. You’re the space game junkie and we are your enablers. ;) Just doing our job!

I just really love and appreciate it and you, just saying. ;)

PSA: Anyone who still wants to get their hands on Distant Worlds Universe for $29.99 (download version) can still do so at the Matrix Games website, AND get a Steam key as well:

Now I just have to make up my mind on whether to shell out 30 for this game, or half of that for Star Ruler 2 before the Steam sale ends. Which is the easier of the two to pick up and play, any opinions, people? Star Ruler 2 is prettier graphically, so I’m leaning that way (well, and it’s half the price of course).

Obviously you get both. C’mon! ;)

Seriously, I love both games, but if I was stuck on a desert island, I’d want a copy of Distant Worlds with me.

If your only deciding factor is the ease to learn/play then Star Ruler 2 is definitely the choice to make. However, for long term play/depth Distant Worlds does offer more goodness to chew on. Both are excellent games with varying implementations of the 4x space conquest motif. I own both and regret neither purchase as they are different enough in style/substance/execution that i can alternate play between them as my gaming mood dictates.

Thanks for the replies, guys. If there were world enough, and time, as the poem goes (and I weren’t interested in other types of games, too, and didn’t have a full time job, and didn’t have to be the IT department for my immediate family blah blah blah) I’d buy both. Maybe for now I’ll just get Star Ruler 2 and see how it goes.

In the Star Ruler thread we have myself and another for a 4 pack split. You’d be #3.

Sending you a PM–go ahead and put me down for that.

Void Expanse finally released their big 1.4 content patch. Lots of new ships and ship parts, new interactable space objects including a hacking mini game, unity 5.1 upgrade, and more. Tried it out and feels like it has more of the meat it needed at initial release. Going to put some more time into this now.