Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

Rich, is this it?


That should work. Narrated by Michael Dorn. Written by Marc Okrand. You might have heard of them? ;)


How DARE you toy with my heart like this.

bortaS bIr jablu’DI’ reH QaQqu’ nay, sir.

Kiazi’s children, their faces wet.

Rubin, when the walls fell.

RichVR and Rubin at Tanagra.

rhamorim, his sails unfurled.

I honestly keep meaning to buy that shirt.

I love when I wear it outside. People rarely get it. But the ones that do are a certain kind of nerd that I just know I’ll get along with.

Just got the Space Run Galaxy, playing Beta right now, the game will be released tomorrow.

Played through beginning of the game, so 1st impression: like the first game, it is well done tower defense game: It has randomized elements in each mission; Can customize ship layout, only have limited in battle inventory, i.e you only get to use whatever you bring to the battle; There are different design of ships, but the most efficient one is probably the most boring box shaped one, as the bigger it gets, the easier it gets as you can fit many cargo and equipment to the box shape ship. Seems there is a always on internet check, but I think you can play offline, I haven’t tried. You can also setup multiple missions at once if you’ve got the cargo space for it, hauling to drop some off half way there or taking a detour to avoid a boss battle, which I liked very much.

Overall seems very fun game, Recommended.

So OMG guys, I’m so in love with my Roland MT-32 I wanted more. Someone said that General Midi sounds better with TIE Fighter, so I did some research and saw that the Roland SC-55 Mk2 was the unit to get for GM. After keeping an eye out for them on eBay, I snagged a great looking one tonight. Now comes the adventure of getting them both to work with one sound card! Yay!

Hello my friends, and welcome to another week of fun gaming! This week’s game is 1994’s fantastic exploration, resource management and colony building game, Alien Legacy! I love this game, so I’m excited to revisit it!

On the podcast tonight at 5:30 Pacific (YouTube, Twitch), we’ll welcome back our very first guest, the developer of Rogue System!

On Thursday (5:30 PM Pacific on YouTube or Twitch), we’ll be taking a break from space games to play some Elder Scrolls Online. If you own the game, hop on and join us!

Thanks folks, have a great week!

Alien Legacy in and of itself was fucking awesome… but it could have been even more awesome with a little more love.

Agreed, all it really needs is a slightly refined UI, I think, so we can see more at a glance, like how much minerals each colony has from the probe loadout screen to determine which location needs what easily, it would be just amazing.

Ah! I really loved Alien Legacy! So glad you’re digging it up. I have my disk somewhere, so… it is easy to get running?

Works in DOSBox without any problem. I can’t wait to get my General MIDI module so I can try it out with the game.

My Roland SC-55mkII is here, and it all works it all works (thanks to Joe from Upper Memory Block for the last piece of the puzzle):

When I first played TIE Fighter, I had a Sound Blaster AWE32 card, which was such a beast it had its own midi modes in games like that. Since then, DOSBox’s SB16 emulation, while fine, has never actually been the same.

The SC-55 fixes that. OMG IT SOUNDS SO GOOD. I think it might sound even BETTER than it did on the AWE32, which just fills me with such joy.

Video coming soon, might even stream some tomorrow. :) So giddy right now. SO giddy.

Brian, have you played Nomad Fleet, sort of a HW clone? It’s got pretty good reveiws on Steam and is on sale :) Any thoughts/experience?

I actually enjoyed it quite a bit! A fun mix of FTL and Homeworld.

Let’s Play Nomad Fleet: