Space Marine 2

I’m assuming you never got to the point where they give you a jetpack and a big-ass hammer and just let you go to town on a bunch of dudes. Honestly, if that had been the totality of the gameplay I would have been just as happy.

Hmm, I feel like I did get the jetpack, but I don’t think I got the hammer? Maybe I’ll spin it up again…this time on Steam Deck!

Yeah, I gave up on the first game at an early point too. I need to give it another shot. I have it on disc for the 360. I wonder if it’s back compat?

It is not, unfortunately.

It’s stupid fun. I’d probably be bored with it too these days. What elevates it to greatness is how it leans into it. Plus it had that old Relic sheen even if they weren’t third person experts.

Also the multiplayer. So satisfying to land an assault marine on top of some kid camping with the uhhhh… ummm… heavy machine gun role.

Oh right, a trailer. I like the hordes, that’s a good sign. The melee combat looks like they haven’t made a pass to adjust the timing, or the developers simply don’t know how action games work. I’ll be charitable and call it early footage.