Spam - this is not spam

I don’t know why Comcast keeps blocking stuff from Steam but it’s pretty annoying. When you click “this is not spam” for an e-mail in a web client, is it not marking that entire class as not spam, vs. just that exact one?

I already have the [email protected] rule set to safe so it seems like it should be showing up in mail not spam? (I had to set that rule because for a while steam didn’t even show up in spam)


Firstly, your email is showing in the image and you may want to redact it if that sort of thing bothers you.

Spam/anti spam measures are something of a complex subject, in reality these days what you’re probably doing by clicking ‘not spam’ is helping a machine learning algorithm correctly categorise the emails (and not just for yourself). Since other factors will affect this it may occasionally not do what you expect.

I can’t help you with the specifics of Comcast but you may be able to add the [email protected] sender to an explicit whitelist for yourself - the message suggests your account has a security settings section so if you dig around in there you may find something to that effect.

Failing that you may want to try setting up a rule that always moves anything from that email address to your inbox.

However, please be mindful of phishing attempts if you go this route as it is trivial to spoof an email from address.

Switch your Comcast email to another provider now like Gmail or something is my recommendation. The sooner you do it the sooner you’ll realize that all the emails you want are going to your new email address anyway so you can just never check that one again. Probably take like a year.

Thank you and welcome to the forum! I’ll do the redirect and see if that sticks.

@arrendek yea I got to bit the bullet and do that soon.