Speedometer browser benchmark: show me yours and I'll show you mine


I mentioned a fun benchmark in a previous topic:


Chrome 59 was just released a day or two ago, and it has the new rebuilt Turbofan and Ignition JavaScript engine on by default now! 🎉

As covered here and here, Google folks feel this benchmark represents the best proxy of real world web performance out there:

We have been adding ways to Chrome infrastructure to measure performance from inside the browser, which gave a lot of important insight, but is not portable across browsers. From these investigations I am concluding that Speedometer might be the best proxy for real world performance that is currently available. We will follow up with a detailed blog post about the real world performance effort soon.

some baseline results as of Dec 2016:

Core i7 Kabylake Chrome      208
Core i7 Skylake Chrome       185
2016 iPhone 7                111
2016 Macbook (Chrome)         86
2015 iPad Pro                 85
2015 iPhone 6s                82
Core i7 Skylake Edge/FF       64
2016 Macbook (Safari)         63
2014 iPad Air 2               48
2013 iPhone 5s                32
2016 OnePlus 3                24
2015 Nexus 6p                 23

Go ahead and post your results. Show me yours and I’ll show you mine 😉


Fuck Qualcomm right in their Qualcomm-hole

I get ~221 now with the slightly overclocked Kaby Lake and Chrome latest on Windows 10.


Late 2013 iMac i5 3.4 Ghz, 16gb. GTX 775, 2048 MB. MacOS Sierra.

Safari 153
Chrome 144.4

My PC: i7-4790 @ 3.6GHz. 16gb. GTX 970. Windows 10 Home.

Chrome: 147


Is this at all affected by addons, greasemonkey scripts, adblockers, no-script etc?


AMD FX-4170m, GTX 750 TI, Win 10, Chrome


Lower numbers are better right?


Mine was 40.2. Should I be worried?


i5 4670k, 12GB of RAM, Firefox, Win10:


On the other hand, said Firefox instance is memory leaking like a motherfucker and currently consuming 1.2gb of RAM. . .


Yes it can be, we learned that in previous topic. Turn them off and try again.


Sorry. I didn’t read the previous topic. Please don’t beat me. :)


The beatings will continue until scores improve.


Sorry. I meant, don’t beat me again.




I left Ghostery on for both of my machines’ tests, seems it didn’t affect it much judging by everyone else’s scores.


I turned all my extensions off and my score jumped to 77.4 to 86.2.


I was getting about 120 (uBlock and other adds enabled) and 147 (adds disabled) on Chrome 58, then I upgraded to Chrome 59 and got up to about 190.


Hah, I went to check which version of Chrome I had running, and it updated to 59.

Core i5 4670 (non-K version), Windows 7

Chrome with extensions: 116
Chrome w/o extensions: 163.1
Firefox w/o extensions: 59.4


Chrome was 59. Test ran with extension

Windows 7 64 bit, i7 920 CPU, 16GB RAM

Speedometer score = 73.9

Not too shabby, it seems.


Almost as good as an iPhone 7!


Yet only one has a headphone jack.