Spelunky 2 - Bring Your Daughter to Work day

I hate moles. I have got a bit better of watching where they are on the floor above now but I still lose some life to them in the dwelling pretty frequently.

You can also float down safely onto them, I believe, using a cape, parachute or turkey.

Also are you aware that tapping jump does a smaller jump with jump boots on? At least with the keyboard controls, but I assume they must have done that for the controller too. It’s sometimes a bit finicky to pull off.

Coming at spikes slow = safe.
Coming at spikes at speed = unsafe.

One other tip - if you have the cape (or a turkey) you can also float down into spikes!

No. This shouldn’t be allowed. Who approved this? There are laws, people. Spike laws.

Spike physics was already established by the original Prince of Persia. Running/speed bad, dropping down/walking fine!

My world, upside down! (and no Australia jokes please)

I suppose you’re right about that.

I think I’ll stick to the bomb method! Tried this today, climbed down and stepped onto a skeleton skull, which caused me to crush it and jump up, and then fall back down and impale myself. Facepalm.

Every day I exit this game thinking “fuck this game forever”, and the next day I’m always back for more.

You and me both. I just finally got to the Tide Pools today.

You have to be ready for this eventuality. Treat every skull as if it were a skeleton. In this case, you need to be ready to jump up on the rope again.

I think it’s time for me to shelve this for a while. I’m getting kinda sick of the game and need a break, and I feel like they haven’t learned enough from other rogue-lites.

I’ve got some wins under my belt and have been getting past Olmec and the Ankh fairly regularly now and it’s been making for long and enjoyable matches. But Valhalla has sort of pushed this to just one or two runs a day and I think for now that’s a good thing - I’ll eventually cool on it and come back to it many times over the coming years, which is why I love how dense and packed full of content it is.

Works carefully through Dwelling, getting key and 7 lives, spends ages in Jungle and finds Black Market, picks up shotgun, bombs, ropes, and a jetpack! Finally, I am set! Goes through exit, appears through door directly on top of a voodoo guy, instant hit and stun, while I’m stunned curse skull floats over me and curses me down to 1 life, and then voodoo guys walks back over me as I recover from the stun, kills me. Dead. The game may as well have crashed to desktop. Admittedly I’ve not had that level of bullshit before, but the more I play this game the less I like it. I think the only reason I still play it now is for the Daily Challenge*, plus one warm-up round.

*Which was a total disaster today because I got greedy! Oh, jetpack… breaks curse jar so I can afford it, makes it to exit. Oh look, the key and the eye… I’ve got time to grab it!

Narrator: He didn’t have time to grab it.

Too late, suckers! I already have my win using a shortcut.

I don’t think this has been posted yet:


Doesn’t make me very excited to play Spelunky 2, but it did get me to reinstall Spelunky, which I have apparently not played in six(!) years.

Hyper-nerd warning on that link above. I even skimmed it and found the f-bomb!

When he types out all the insta-fail stuff like that, it really does sound pretty awful. My solution was to simply not get hit by any of it. It rarely affected my enjoyment of the game. That still begs the question why it’s in there in the first place.

Great article.

I do think he lacks a little bit of the view of the proper balance (or lack thereof) in Spelunky HD. This is kinda obvious from the fact that he didn’t beat the final boss – he’s not a true veteran, much as he thinks he is.

Spelunky 2 fixed the most glaring problem for veterans of HD – the fact that crime runs made the game too easy. This isn’t the case anymore in 2. But it never addressed the basic problems that lay hidden behind that single issue: that it’s far too easy to gain HP as well as items that trivialize much of the challenge of the game (particularly bombs). The only answer Spelunky 2 provides in this regard is endless instakill opportunities, stun times that spiral into instakills, and new status effects that are essentially instakills. Instead of solving the balance issues in the system, Derek Yu applied situational band-aids. So the article complains about a very real issue, but doesn’t get the reason for it.

I agree with a lot of that article. My enthusiasm for S2 is waning day by day.

That reads like a much longer version of my Steam review! I hadn’t realised the precise change in the climbing gloves either, just that I used to love them in S1, but I never pick them up anymore.

For the highly skilled perhaps, but for most people crime runs were pretty risky. What they were, however, were FUN! Yes, I’m using that word. Fuck you, “fun” police! :) Heaven forbid we’re allowed to have that much enjoyment playing the game. S2 feels like a slap on the wrist.

I keep playing it, although I’m now down to just playing the Daily and that’s it. I’ve given up trying to beat it, my blood pressure thanks me. But mostly I keep playing it because it reminds me of S1, not because it’s S2.