Spelunky 2 - Bring Your Daughter to Work day

Here’s a hot tip! Don’t pause the game for an extended time during the encounter with Olmec just as he’s about to slam down with you in the vicinity.

Online is finally here for the PC. Still considered a work-in-progress though (and a ‘beta’).

I tried online and hated the 3 frame input delay, but at least that’s adjustable.

News & patch notes:

If anyone is interested in a very cool mod/cheat for Spelunky 2, Overlunky let’s you basically spawn/teleport to and do all sorts of amazing stuff. Here is me playing at 3x zoom having spawned the powerful Scepter to play around with and giving myself about 300K worth of diamonds to start the run with, for example, but you can do just about anything. I don’t know if this will break the game’s achievements, the article I found talked about making a copy of the game folder and running it under some sort of program that disassociates it with Steam while playing, but I didn’t bother to do that myself.

Link to the GitHub zip file.

Unzip anywhere, and run. It presents dialog that it’s waiting for Spelunky 2 to start.
Start Spelunky 2

That’s it! You’ve now got a menu along the top of the screen, you can play around with the various options there to spawn items/enemies/whatever and even one menu let’s you spawn a door to any zone, if you want to kit yourself out with a few basics and get more practice with certain levels even.

The original article that led me to this is here, provided also because it explains the “running a non-Steam instance of Spelunky 2” stuff for those worried about accidentally cheating (or breaking) an achievement or something:

I assume the readme file has all you need, I didn’t look at it, but one thing that I couldn’t figure out at first was spawning items/monsters - if you click “spawn” it seems to spawn on your character, which is bad if you want to spawn a monster. Instead, simply highlight the thing you want to spawn, and then use the mouse to “click” where you want it spawned. You can use the search to find things like “diamond” or “shotgun” and then click to spawn them. Very cool. However, to do this you need to select the “mouse control” option in the upper right menu.

Have fun!

I’m pretty much done playing the game myself – there’s just too little variety to make it interesting for me. My kids still love playing it though, and I’d love to have a proper split-screen multiplayer for them rather than the horrible flag system. It’s really disappointing that they haven’t been able to add that. Hopefully the modding community will be able to add it in.

@Scotch_Lufkin, thanks for posting that. I tried it out and Overlunky is really cool. This will help my practice to get better at the main game, and I love the zoom out.

Very cool!

Yeah, I really love Spelunky 2 a lot - it’s just a strictly better Spelunky in my mind, with a ton more variety and tons of more stuff/things to explore and do on a given run, but it can be overwhelming and a real challenge to get to those crazy endings and see stuff like that. I’m about 200 hours in already, it’s been a wild ride.

Will I rebuy these for the 3rd time? Why yes I will. Also as an update, I still haven’t finished S2 despite trying daily.

Finally started to dabble with Spelunky 2 on the PS5 (and a liiiittle on PC as well) - so far my arch has been the same as the first game: Struggling to get past first world initially because I just can’t let the shopkeepers be (and because mole). Figured out how to beat them semi-consistently now so I’m reaching world 2. I’ve yet to get to use the Wadjet eye I make sure to pick up almost every run…

Is anyone active on the daily challenges? I’d add you for some extra incentive to do a run each day :)

I haven’t been but I could be persuaded to get back into a daily run. My steam name is sdlufkin, iirc.

Added! I’ll show up as Affordable Care Act I think

I saw it and added you! Good luck!

I did the daily! Died on jungle lvl 3 because I was soo afraid to go close to those dudes with a ghost and spiked myself instead :S If anyone wants to add me on steam you should find me here: Steam Community :: Affordable Care Act

Also, I found some kind of cross platform sync, I’ll try and see how that plays with my PS edition.

First impressions from Game Pass version of Spelunky 2:

Wow, this is way easier than Spelunky, where I couldn’t even get past the first level. In this one, the first level doesn’t even have any enemies! It’s a tutorial! It’s so nice to start the game off and it teaches you how to play! It makes it way superior to the first one!

Of course, once the actual game started, I got to the shop, I bought more rope, and threw my dog off a cliff, it died, and I died soon after. The tutorial didn’t really prepare me for the concept that I seem to take damage from falling off really high heights. But it’s not clear how high.

Oh yeah, and I always get killed by blow darts coming out of traps.

And there seems to be no metaprogress, just you die and you start over as if you never played the game before.

The meta progression is in your head.

Yup. It’s old-school rogue-like. You, the player, get better with every death and lesson learned. The character is static in ability between runs.

There are some unlocks but they are mostly cosmetic (new characters to play as with a different look like their rope style or the color of the health icon) or shortcuts (never use these unless you feel like you want practice in a given biome).

My “meta” progression in Spelunky 1:
2017: Completed the tutorial
2020: Reached the jungle
2021: Completed the game (regular, not hell)

It was a tough nut to crack for sure.

I’m going to try to preface this by saying I only mean to talk about my own experience and not judge other people’s. I’m not attacking anyone.

Negative impressions

After a few more deaths, just like with the first Spelunky, I’m just really struggling to find any quality in this one that I’m supposed to hold onto or enjoy or cherish or dig. The jumping doesn’t feel good, using the whip doesn’t feel good, traversal doesn’t feel particularly good, the art doesn’t give me any joy, the music doesn’t ping me in any way, the atmosphere is non-existent as far as I can tell. There’s hardly any narrative. I just… I don’t … I have no idea what I’m supposed to hold onto, what I’m supposed to be seeking exactly. There was no thrill at reaching the shop keeper or finishing a level, only annoyance that I can’t always do it.

The jumping and traversal kind of reminds me of the LittleBigPlanet games, it just feels joyless somehow. It’s all very perplexing.

That’s the polar opposite of my Spelunky 2 journey. It’s… wild.