Spirit Halloween: The Movie - God is Dead

Oh no Rachel Leigh Cook. Oh no.

I do like the obvious use of an old Toys R Us building for authenticity.

Missed opportunity to not include Nick Lutsko.

I’d rather watch a 2hr movie of that.

No tears for Christopher Lloyd?

No crap. God is dead if Nick isn’t at the forefront of any Spirit Halloween endeavor from now until his demise (or even, perhaps more appropriately, after).

There’s a Spirit Halloween that started setting up shop 2 weeks ago inside an abandoned furniture store. These guys are ruthless.

Anyway I watched Justice League two times (shame on me) so I’ll watch this.

Boyz on bikes getting a little trite?
Shouldn’t they show them playing Atari 2600 too?

She’s All Broke

He’s been doing dreck for decades. I see him all the time in garbage productions.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw Rachel Leigh Cook.

There was a profile of her a little while ago in the NY Times I think. She fully stopped acting for a while, and only she did small movies that were produced by her friends and family, and only really started trying to act again in earnest a couple years ago.

Kids still use bikes to get around even today, so it would be weird if movies just stopped depicting this.

Looking forward to the 2050s nostalgia flicks, with kids zipping around on electric razor scooters.