Splinter Cell Conviction

maybe all the delays were worth it?

crazy so many good games soon, and its not even xmas!

Older thread. I haven’t watched any trailers for this since last E3. That pretty much sold me on the game though. It looks badass.

So did they can Splinter Cell Rogue Agent or is this the same game with a new name?

Anyhow I don’t see how they could possibly release something any worse (read=buggier) than Double Agent so I’m all for this next one.

Look at :59 in that video and tell me Sam Fisher doesn’t look just like the game director who’s talking.

I’m not sure I can really say I’m “impressed” with the game, since they’ve delayed it enough that it should be a masterpiece, but it looks great.

I am, however, somewhat disappointed that they appear to have entirely canned the hitman-esque sections because they would’ve been too much like a modern Assassin’s Creed. What’s wrong with that!?

Haha, that’s amazing.

Looks great, but I really wish they still had the mercenary vs spy game type too.

Aww, I was really hoping for some sort of cross-over between Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell, if not in the universe, at least in gameplay.

The Splinter Cell Conviction demo is up on Xbox Live. Looking forward to giving it a shot tonight!