Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow - Game not available


I’m having the “Game session no longer available” problem mentioned so often on the splintercell.com forums (to which no moderator or developer is replying, it seems). I have patched to 1.1, and get the error even when I try to join a game that a friend of mine (on the phone with me at the time) is hosting.

If any of you have any insight, I’d be grateful.

Here’s one very specific example that is almost 100% likely not to be the case in your instance, but do you have your MAC addressess set to the same thing for any reason? Cause that threw my friend and I for a long time. He was in the beta, so he had Xbox Live before I did. Wanting to show it off, he brought it on campus to play and the only way at the time to get around some network authentication our school does was to use the MAC address of a machine that had already been validated on the campus network. I gave him the MAC address of another PC we’d had hooked up before, and then didn’t think anything of it when I used the same solution to get my own Xbox onto the campus network when Live went retail. Well my friend never changed his MAC address back, so we sat for a few hours trying to figure out why we couldn’t get into MechAssault together before it dawned on us.

Other than that, the best I can offer is some vague something-something about firewalls or ports or who knows what. I have recurring problems with some of my friends connecting in the same games, and other friends it works with every time. I really wish I knew what the connectivity issues were, but I figure that from my end (still on campus) there’s not going to be much I can do to change the situation anyway. I just keep trying, log on and off of Live a couple times, and eventually we manage to get into the games together. Have you swapped who’s hosting and all the logical things like that?

Of course, other than the scenario described where you specifically in communication with your friend about the game and weren’t able to get in, I’m curious (though not curious enough to brave the forums there) how many of the people complaining can back up their complaints with evidence that there’s actually a problem and that it’s not just that the games they try to join have ended or filled up between the time their machine queried them and when they try to join.

Thank you kindly for the reply! I’m sorry that I didn’t specifically state that I’m playing via PC, not Xbox. I am able to join some games (and play them to completion) but not others (including the one I know my friend had going). Still, thanks for the ideas, and I’ll keep trying.

Oh. Whoops. Well, you’re welcome anyway.