Sprites? Yum!

Odin Sphere, a new Atlas RPG is coming out for the PS2 in a few weeks. Side view, all hand drawn sprites, looks yummy. Trailer reminds me of Valkyrie Profile crossed with Tales of Symphonia.

Anyone played the Japanese version and care to offer some impressions?

japanese trailer (10x better)

english trailer (boooring)

So what’s up with Slutty Red Riding Hood?

PA gave it a pretty positive review.

While looking to pre-order it from Amazon, I noticed Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 comes out this year as well. What a great year for the PS2.

This game looks pretty damn cool, actually. I might have to actually fire up the ol’ PS2 again. The artwork in the game looks fantastic; this is the sort of game that makes me wish (well, more than normal) that more developers still did 2D games. This sort of detailed, hand-drawn art is every bit as visually impressive to me as something like Gears of War…

Wow. The artwork in this game is amazing and the game mechanics look interesting too. I wonder if it’s coming out in EU anytime soon.

If you guys have just seen the screenshots, you should also check out the videos. I can’t believe how nicely animated the sprites are.

edit: Red Riding Hood, for example, does Kratos-style attacks with that chain weapon. Very impressive

More like Red Hawt Riding Hood.

You realize she’s probably supposed to be, like, 12, right?

And imaginary?

I must have missed that memo.

I gues that explains why her breasts aren’t twice the size of her head.

She is still totally asking for it. Quick, get Chris Hanson on the horn, stat!

I’m pretty much certain that the only time anyone EVER stands like that is in pornos.

No. Horizontally-oriented eyes = adult.

Yeah they are almost the size of her head. Not to mention she has an oversized head.

Well, as long as she’s imaginary, I’m imagining her as 18.

Ah, yet another reason to hold off on getting a next-gen system. Thanks, PS2!!!

The art looks beautiful, but the plot looks inane.

Still, if this kind of thing keeps generating money for Sony, it will buy the PS3 a LOT of time.

Of course the fact that it still generates money for Sony further proves that Nintendo’s approach with the Wii was the right one…

Yeah, this game looks freakin’ sweet. It somehow reminds me of Guardian Heroes, too. I probably would not have gotten this if I didn’t have a PS3, because I had long since stuffed my PS2 in a cabinet to give up the inputs on my TV to other things. But since my PS3 is hooked up already, I’m pretty well good to go.

Looks like it ships a week before Forza 2, so that’s good timing. :)

Is it really a side scrolling RPG brawler? Can you play 2 player co-op?