Squid Game (Netflix Original)

I noticed that at the very end of the show when it was just the 2 of them left. Pretty cool!

Finished. Super good. And yes, I realized that towards the end, although I didn’t confirm that it was all the games, just caught the glass bridge.

Excellent show. Yeah, episode 6 was a sure something and I had the exact same issue @Erik has blurred above. It was jarring. Then I see @Houngan agreed and used the exact same descriptor: “Jarring”. Thought it was just me.

Many years ago, I walked out of watching Brazil, and said to my friend “that is the best movie I hope I never see again.”

I think Squid Game may be the darkest thing I’ve watched since then. God how bleak that was.

The dubbing is still pretty bad but glad I gave this another chance. At episode 6 now and it’s been dark but interesting!

I wasn’t as impressed by this as a lot of others were. It was okay, but still pretty stupid.

Am I the only one that was screaming “WALK ON THE GLASS RIGHT OVER THE BARS!”

I agree with everyone above regarding the performances of the VIPs. Yuck.

Right? But an easy assumption that trying to cheat that particular game would earn you a bullet, so I let it slide. The overlords were nothing if not capricious and hateful in their interpretation of the rules.

For all their talk about fairness and the sanctity of the games, they sure let a lot of bullshit happen.

I wonder what they would’ve done if Oh Il-nam had fallen to his death during the Tug-of-War? Like, I assume Red Light, Green Light could be rigged to not register him moving at the wrong time, but the Tug-of-War seemed pretty risky without any obvious way to cheat out of it like he did Marbles.

I had this thought after the last episode, while I was thinking back on several moments in new context. I’m guessing after he saw his team for that game, he had a few moments of internal panic. But then I also guess his mentality was kind of “if I die, I die” anyway, so who knows.

I do think the series starts much stronger than it ends. I wasn’t disappointed, per se, but I it resolved a few things I didn’t care about resolving, and it left a few things hanging that I kind of wanted resolved.

Although, it did turn me on to the fact that this is evidently an entire genre? Are there other worthwhile entries in the genre? Netflix started shilling Alice in Borderland at me - is that any good?

Depends. How much do you like anime? Because it’s basically a live-action cheesy anime.

I did not like it.

Well that hypocrisy, and the metaphor with class and wealth, is what I took as the main theme. They say it’s fair but many players fail by random chance, starting position, etc. And the murder. It’s a line of bull.

Absolutely. And I’m fine with that. I don’t expect death games to ever be completely fair. The genre thrives on the trope of oligarchs manipulating the games while presenting the appearance of objectivity.

I think I liked the first half more than the second half, and it is well within the whole Death Game genre, but definitely more anime. Korean movies/shows don’t really have that problem.

I just finished the first episode and I really enjoyed the first part before things got crazy. It was very quirky and funny. And then of course things really got weird and I didn’t find it all that enjoyable. I don’t mind the odd bit of ultraviolence now and then but this might not be for me. I’ll give the second episode a go and see how it goes.

The second episode goes in an entirely different direction. You will probably need to go through ep 3 before deciding.

BTW some ppl say English subtitles are superior to English CC

I’ve been watching the first half an hour of the first ep for about 3h now, on and off. The main character is so extremely unlikable that it physically hurts me to watch the show.

Also, do Koreans actually drag out the words like that? I’m watching with the original dub but I’m seriously considering going to english. The whole thing seems way overacted.

This will not help with that issue at all! Once I gave in and just accepted the overacting, it was fine and I liked the rest of the series.

MC gets better. Couple more eps and you’ll know if you can watch it.