SRPGs/Squad-level Turn Based Strategy Games - Dying for some

I’ve always been a fan of these kinds of games since X-Com was released, and titles like Jagged Alliance 2 and Final Fantasy Tactics were definitely two of the highlight experiences of all my years as a gamer.

A number of more recent games, like Silent Storm, FFTA2 and Jeanne D’Arc have managed to keep my hunger sated for awhile, so I haven’t really been actively looking for new ones to play. At least, not until now.

Are there any new games I’ve been missing out on? Certainly, there’s Valkyria Chronicles, and I do intend to get that once I acquire a PS3, but I’d like to know if there are any others I’ve missed for the 360 (which I now own), PC, DS, or PSP. Disgaea doesn’t interest me in the slightest (I own it on the PSP) and I’d like a game with a more cerebral experience than simply grinding for levels. A proper storyline like the one in Final Fantasy Tactics would be something I’d greatly appreciate.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

The new Fire Emblem game released just recently for the Nintendo DS, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on it, but haven’t tracked it down yet.

FFTactics had a story? Why in the hell can’t I remember the story for ANY of these SRPGs? I have a good memory too. I must have a blockage, which means I can’t really help here, sadly. I can say that I haven’t found any SRPGs for the 360.

I also loved X-Com, Silent Storm, JA2 and Jeanne D’Arc.

And as a fan of all, I highly recommend Freedom Force.

Freedom Force, while delightful, isn’t turn-based.

I’ve been scratching this itch by replaying Silent Storm recently, Sol. I’d love to hear if there’s anything recent that I’ve missed, like an indie or something.

I’ve played the hell out of Dynasty Tactics 2 (PS2). It’s probably my favorite game on that system.

Also, FFT does have quite a good story. Some claim it’s the best Final Fantasy out there.

FFT had the best story of any game I’ve ever played, and every time someone says they don’t remember it, a baby dolphin cries.

I actually don’t remember the story for most JRPGs, so that probably says more about me than the game. I think 99% of video game plots are silly. The good news (for me) is that I can enjoy games with bad stories as a result, as long as they have good mechanics.

The FFT Advance 2 for the DS is a good one, if you haven’t tried it yet. I didn’t like the first FFTA, though.

I tried to play Silent Storm again yesterday but I cant on my new computer unless I roll back my graphic card drivers (GTX260). Also, I know I would get frustrated right when we get around to mech wars :P

Yeah, I’m slogging through the panzerklein part. I’m not even one of the guys who was decrying the PKs for being unrealistic - they just weren’t fun to play with. :(

Shining Force II on the Sega Genesis!

I am currently replaying Baldur’s Gate 2, which reminds me that it’s clearly the best squad-based tactical game ever made.

Turn-based tactical is my favorite genre. There are a lot of them out there, but here are some of my personal faves (aside from FFTA, X-Com, and the JA games):

Vandal Hearts
Shadow Watch
All of the Fire Emblem games

If you don’t play Freedom Force (or its sequel) because it’s not turn-based, you are seriously handicapping yourself. Playing FF on hard difficulty, in super slo-mo, while pausing to give orders, is among the best tactical gaming experiences to be had. Period.

They aren’t technically squad-based, but Battle for Wesnoth and Fantasy Wars may satisfy your itch. They are tactical turn-based games wherein units gain experience and get upgraded. Fantasy Wars, and especially its sequel, the recently released Elven Legacy, can be brutally difficult.

True! The slo-mo option was one of the coolest things about FF.

Another tip for getting the most out of it is: don’t use custom characters on your first play-through. It’s too easy to unbalance the campaign in your favor if you pump up certain attributes.

Also, there are truly awesome mods for FF, though they may be difficult to track down: The Strangers and Flight of the Navigator are epic and marvelous.

Any? Or any -good- ones? Because I can think of three off the top of my head - Operation Darkness, Spectral Force 3, and Zoids Assault.

I liked Operation Darkness enough to buy it. I haven’t tried the other two but I have my suspicions that Zoids Assault is probably non-great.

SpiritsRL. Turn based Roguelike/ASCII game with a main character and two sidekicks. Some variety in choosing between weapons and unit types. Kill enemies to gather spirit points; use them for special abilities or save for between-map level-ups. No story.

You are in luck!
Just now i am playing 7.62, sequel to Brigade E5. Which it is a game much in the kind of JA2. And while the game has his share of problems (dated graphics, subpar audio, a bit buggy, rough around the edges), i am loving the core gameplay.

Basically it’s the same game as BE:5, that means it has the best and most realistic combat system i have seen in this type of game with a very flexible smart pause system and interface; but they have added:
-better graphics
-more dialogue, more insteresting quests and better characterized conflict (B:E5 was very sparse in that regard)
-bigger arsenal (more than 150 weapons)

That said, it’s still not as good as JA2. Even if they improved the dialogue, the quests, etc, it’s still very bland and generic in that regard, JA2 had a much more charismatic conflict and mercs, with more interesting situations, and better recruitment and supply system, better strategic part, etc.

Unless you are referring to one of the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance games, you really need to seek medical help. Regardless of what you thought of it, there was reams of story there.

It is akin to playing Torment and saying, huh? story?

No, I mean the original for the PSX. I’m sure there was tons of story there. I just don’t remember it. I DO remember PST’s story pretty clearly, actually. I guess the one for FFT just didn’t move me enough to remember it. But I’ve already admitted that’s my problem, not the game’s.

And yeah, above I should have said good SRPGs for the 360. There have been a few. I haven’t tried OD, either, so I shouldn’t dismiss it out of hand. Reviews were lukewarm.

The DS seems the best place to get these games now.