SSX For Wii?

How is it? I want to go pick something up for holiday this week and I’m looking at this or The Bigs.

I don’t know what “The Bigs” is, but you should probably go ahead and get that.

Lol, that bad, huh?

Not really.

It has some recycled tracks and the controls aren’t spot-on, but I had a lot of fun playing it.

Not bad, but totally uninspiring, especially if you’re using Tricky as your benchmark.

I really felt the controls got in the way of the gameplay, and I had a hard time finding a track that I could get a groove on.

I also didn’t like the interface design, but that’s nitpicking.

My wife and I are huge fans of the SSX series, and we differed completely in whether we liked the wii version or not. For us, SSX 3 is pretty much the gold standard of the series.

I liked the art style in Blur a lot (especially the fact that when you fall down, your character actually gets covered in snow that gradually wears off as you continue moving), and enjoyed playing around with the movement controls, but found that getting any more than the basic uber-tricks consistently was near impossible. I also ended up setting the movement controls to almost completely rely on the analog stick, rather than the movement sensors in the nunchuck. This made it much easier.

My wife, on the other hand, hated the Wii controls for the game. If the game had been released with the classic controls useable on the classic controller, it would have probably been one of her favorites (right now her favorite of the series is SSX 3), but she just couldnt get used to the methods for handling tricks using the remote.