Star Trek Discovery (2017)




Look, they had to open up a slot on the bridge crew, somehow …


Sir, we have incoming blockade runners, approaching from sector 241
Send the half the fleet to intercept
[fleet approaches]
Sir, there’s something behind the runners… it’s a cloaked armada!
It’s a trap!
Wrong movie Sir! It’s an ambush!


Their other ships can’t cloak -.-


So which ship took out the Federation Flagship Europa and the Admiral in Ep 2? This was never clear to me. The large Klingon ship had clearly decloaked during the fight and was shown firing while fully visible. Did it somehow re-cloak and this fact was missed by all the Federation ships? There was no comm chatter about it having re-cloaked. Also given that the Federation flagship blew itself up, while the ship attacking it was still physically in contact with it, one would certainly expect it to have received some very heavy damage or perhaps even been destroyed.

I never did figure this out, but it seemed most likely that there was at least a second cloaked ship - the original Klingon ship and a second Klingon ship which attacked the Europa.


Borrowing from a comment I made in response to @ArmandoPenblade in the Orville thread regarding the idea that Discovery is a grimdark or grimrtrek show: that was my initial impression of it as well, but now I’m starting to think Discovery is not actually, strictly speaking, a grimdark (or #grimtrek) show, nor is it trying to be one. I think it’s representing itself as a story that starts off in a grimdark setting, and wants to break out and into a more optimistic Trek. I realize this may be a real stretch, at this stage, but it’s what I’m going with until I see more.

Sorta cross-posted in the Orville thread.


I’ve never had an issue with any of the myriad invented particles, remodulated deflector arrays, or general technobabble.

In fairness, I did have an issue one time when the temperature on a planet was reported to be so cold it was actually below absolute zero.

But I am bouncing hard on the amazing magic mushroom drive – especially when I’m supposed to accept thing like “the mycelial plane”.


It’s a lot easier for Orville to get better since it’s episodic. Discovery is stuck with having to resolve the Klingon story that I don’t find very interesting.

I’d like to believe this but I don’t see it happening. Right now we’ve got a big teddy bear creature in a cage with electrodes hooked up to its nipples. I only see things getting even darker.

It’s like technobabble but with just plain babble mixed in. I never thought I would miss the days of quantum flux inverters, but I do.


They’ve written themselves into a corner right from the start: The mushroom drive is technobabble that we are primed to ignore becuse we KNOW that it can’t have ultimately succeeded. This sucks meaningful drama right out of the show and leaves your interest hanging on whatever charisma the actors possess.


This last episode was a little shaky. The plot holes… yowza.

And if they have the Spore teleport thing working which they seem to right now why are they out flying around the galaxy out all? Go back to Earth and start making more Spore drives. Hell even if it all it did was teleport you RANDOMLY that would be super useful. You don’t need a new weapon if you have ships like that.


They need more tardigrades and a guaranteed way to make sure they don’t go bozonkers and start murderating everyone.


How would randomly teleporting almost anywhere in the universe be super useful? Seems like a good way to lose ships forever.


Well it seemed like using their current computer, they couldn’t hold the course but still had a general direction. And it also seemed like they were already able to do short jumps. So that would useful. But even if it was random, if you’re trapped/surrounded etc, wouldn’t you rather appear anywhere else than face certain death?

Not to mention they keep saying they need a supercomputer. So go to Earth and get like 100 of them! The worst possible thing to happen would be losing this (apparently not backed up remotely) research.


As a crew? Sure. As a military? Not really. A ship in another galaxy is no more use than a ship that doesn’t exist.


So I re-watched a bit of the episode because the whole blockade thing was tickling my mind.

On re-watch, it’s pretty clear that the blockade is no blockade at all. It’s actually a garrison force. The blockade that got “ambushed” was protecting the colony. In that context, ambush makes a lot more sense.

No clue why they referred to it as a blockade, unless that “colony” was really Federation slave labor.


Confession time. I’m zoning out when the Klingons show up. I watch a lot of subtitled stuff, but the klingons just bore the hell out of me.


This article really hit it for me.


I agree with a lot of it. Still enjoy discovery, but not because it is star trek.


Thats a fun article - thanks for sharing!

Anyways - The Klingons bore me to tears. I simply have no interest in them. Never did, so thats not a new thing. The ship feels great though, and lots of great character interactions this time around, and it looks absolutely stunning at times. I wonder what kind of budget they are running on, compared to other shows - is there any way to tell?

Anyways - I look forward to seeing the next 2-3 episodes, as that should probably tell whether its still going to be something worth watching. Its not like there isn’t enough of shows around to take up a working persons time!


Correct me if wrong, they are showing 7 episodes this year, taking a break then 7 episodes early next year?

I am just gonna do a 1 month sub when all 7 are available. And then probably the same for the other 7.

I am glad to be out of the “must have it asap” stage of my life.