Star Trek Discovery (2017)


Will premiere on CBS’ streaming service


Sounds like they have allot of confidence in it…


Hot diggity!


Just saw the news as well. “CBS All Access” … yeah, no.


Um. If they want to charge me a monthly fee to watch a new Star Trek TV show… I’ll probably bite. Got dammit.

EDIT - is that’s what you guys are talking about? CBS All Access? I don’t really know what that is…?


Yup, that’s what it’s called. Currently, it’s only $5.99 a month. I’m sure that it will be more by the time this is released.


And hence my bitching about the slow accretion of more and more streaming services with only a handful of watchable titles each. $5.99/mo to get your Star Trek fix from CBS, $8.99 to get in your Daredevil/Jessica Jones/Luke Cage/Iron Fist jollies from Netflix, $11.99 to get in on whatever Hulu might offer that’s not terrible sans ads, and of course $100/year to get all the Amazon goodies. . .


I want to say hurray…but i don’t get the american tv situation at all, so it might be possible i won’t get to see it over this side of the pond for a while? Do we even have any details about it, other than when it is due? What actors, writers etc?


I’m a bit conflicted about the whole “there’s a gazillion streaming services each with their own show” thing, but on the whole, I think I like it. I can pick and choose which ones I want to watch (except Amazon, Prime is a different animal). Right now, I don’t have Netflix. I’ll pay for a month of it sometime next year, watch Jessica Jones and whatever else they have out by then, then cancel it again. I anticipate the same thing for this CBS thing once they get this new Trek show out (assuming the hivemind says it’s not complete shit). I do something similar for HBO and Game of Thrones. Yeah, it’s a little more work on my end than just dropping cash every month, and I might have to wait a few weeks or months past the initial release. In return, it’s a lot cheaper than the old method of paying $60+ a month for cable and only getting whatever they feel like broadcasting, when they feel like showing it.


As much as I hate that they’re likely making it a CBS All Access exclusive, I do think this is probably the only way this show gets made. I really doubt any Star Trek (or any sci-fi) show would last in prime-time TV. I stopped watching mainstream TV, but it seems very rare for any new shows to get more than a season, and, with the possible exception of TOS, every Star Trek show has needed at least two seasons to start to get good (although I’d argue DS9 got moving much quicker).

I do hope they’ll make deals with the other streaming outlets, as I think the continued fracturing of video content is only hurting things in the long-term. Bob does bring up a good point that I hadn’t considered though. If you’re willing to put up with hopping from service to service, you could watch all the good stuff from a provider for a month, then switch to another service doing the same. By the end of the year, you could probably watch every one of the exclusives that you were interested in. It’s too easy to think of all these different subscriptions as annual things.

That said, if this does come on CBS All Access only, I won’t be watching it unfortunately. We’re still doing Netflix streaming + DVD to catch up on movies we’re saving on by not going to the theaters, and I don’t see that changing any time in the immediate future.


These days stuff like this tends to do a lot better online. But CBS All Access is such a new thing, I worry about this going the route of Community. Still, $6 a month to watch new 'Trek is fine with me, if that’s how it has to happen, and of course as long as it’s worth watching. It would be nice to get more than one show out of the service though.



thanks for that link mok, i think i understand it better now, and maybe now i’m not so bothered about not seeing it.


It doesn’t seem too bad. Sounds like you let the series air and then subscribe for a month, binge-watch them all, then unsub.


I don’t imagine they’ll release all episodes at once, not unless they bump up the subscription fee.

This is something that they’d want to milk for a few months, at least.


Not much mentioned, I wonder where in the timeline this will take place.


I don’t think anyone has any concrete details other than it being helmed by Kurtzman. I’m going to assume that it’s set in the new timeline.


Hopefully the entire budget isn’t spent on lens flare. :p


Technically, the JJ Trek belongs to Paramount, while CBS owns the “original universe” Trek.


I wonder if its the Captain Worf series that was mentioned a few times over the past few years.