Star Trek isn't that far away :D

“Nuclear fusion reactions sparked by beams of antimatter could be propelling ultra-fast spaceships on long journeys before the end of the century, researchers say.”

Being near the end of 2012 they have 87 or 88 years (depending on where you fall on the new century starting on the 0 or 1 argument). That’s quite a bit of time considering how quickly technology advances.

Isn’t there some futurist / science thing that anything longer than, say, 20 (?) years out is basically hand-waving and saying “we’ll solve it through magic”. The number being however long away people keep saying the singularity is, which I think has been like 40 years away for the past 20 years.

Yeah, I trust our ability to predict events 100 years from now about as much as I would trust the Wright Brothers to be able to describe the approximate form, function, and even potential existence of VTOL craft, the space shuttle, and F-22s.