Star Trek : Prodigy

Interesting casting news -

People are still joining the cast? I thought this was coming out soon and probably in the can already?

I recall reading it comes out this fall.

“This video is not available”

Trying to google that I stumbled upon the title sequence:

Reminds me of Voyager and also feels more like “Star Trek” than Discovery does. Similarly to how Lower Decks leans on the TNG stylings.

I enjoyed the first double episode. Has good potential.

I liked it, as well. I just worry it may head down the Star Wars: Resistance path and never live up to the heights of its kindred series by focusing too much on whatever the execs believe is kid-friendly.

Just started watching the first episode and about 4 minutes in I spot this fellow:

I wonder if that is a reference to the old Sierra Space Quest characters?
(or rather illustrations of its creators)


Guessing a lot of people noped out of this show due to the lack of recent posting, but I’ve hung in there. Last episode was great, and hopefully this is a sign the series is finding its footing. It’s still very much Star Wars: Resistance ported to a Star Trek universe, but improving a bit with each episode.

I love the show. I was trying to think of a show I had as a kid that was as cool as this, and I couldn’t think of one. Maybe Muppet Bubbies or The Real Ghostbusters? But no, I don’t think those were as good.

This last episode was just wonderful if you’re a long-time Trek fan.

Checked this out recently, while I’m on the Paramount+ phase of my streaming service cycle. Seemed pretty good for what it is…intro to Star Trek for kids. They were pretty careful to explain the basics…what’s a replicator, who are the Federation, what’s the neutral zone, and so on…at various points as they worked through the story. I enjoyed it, despite how much I disliked Dal - way too Kirk-like for me.

Dal gets so much more likeable. They’re doing a great job with this show.

I finally caught up with this and it’s by far my favorite of the new Star Treks. Kate Mulgrew is just wonderful as the Starfleet mentor and the characters and crew grow really nicely. Most of all it’s the only one of the new Treks that manages to properly capture the atmosphere of old school Trek. Thumbs up.

Yeah, when I watch it, I can’t help but get in a child-like mindset again, and keep thinking how cool a show like this would have been if I saw it as a kid.

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Omg yay!

What is it?

A video game.