Star Wars - Ahsoka on Disney+

With this - all main characters still alive at the end of Rebels have been seen in the live action universe… except Ezra. I’m a bit skeptical of the Hera casting - the actress picked doesn’t seem to resemble the character model that well… hopefully they have the same Presence and can pull it off.

That looks pretty cool!
So basically its a direct live action follow up series to SW Rebels? Though that might just be the trailer and the actual show will focus more on Ahsoka herself and not just the Rebels crew… But then in Mando season 3, Din Djarin is basically a guest character, so you never know.

Spoiler for trailer

Isn’t the hologram showing Ezra? And yeah, I agree that Hera seemed a bit off, while Sabine works for me.


This is set after RotJ and before TFA, correct? Because even though I haven’t really watched Rebels I did read the Thrawn trilogy when it first came out and find the course they chose for the sequels even more strange. And that doesn’t even factor in the crazy Duel of the Directors that helped implode the story.

There was just so much out there to work from and they went with clones and Palpatine and Vader Jr.

I am disgustingly excited about this.

I guess I need to finish Clone Wars.

I submit the series finale of Clone Wars might be the finest Star Wars that ever Star Warsed.


Hahaha. My wife yelled that as we watched the trailer.

He’ll never not be Pullo to her.

He is Pullo in every role he plays, even in this new show, he just looks older. :)

Hmm, if we haven’t finished either, are we better off trying to finish Clone Wars or Rebels to prep for Ahsoka?

I’m midway through Season 4 for Clone Wars and a little way into Season 3 for Rebels.

I thought Rebels was like a sequel to Clone Wars? That’s why I’ve been avoiding it so far.

I think I’m currently in the middle of Season 5 of Clone Wars. I’ve been watching the show since Disney+ launched, off and on, and have been entertained from time to time. It’s definitely not been must-see TV so far though.

Yes. Both.

Since Ray Stevenson is in this, I’m expecting no less than an awesome dance scene to the tune of Naboo Naboo.

Well seems like it’s direct to prep with Rebels since it seems to be fairly related. That’s where Thrawn is re-introduced back into the SW universe, Ezra, blah blah.

I do love the drop line about “Heir to the Empire”. It’s obviously an intentional reference to Zahn’s books, but may not mean anything (which is to say, plot of the novels) ultimately. Still fun.

— Alan

Clone Wars shows more of the evolution of Ahsoka’s character while Rebels has her most recent events (outside of The Mandalorian). I personally couldn’t imagine doing one without the other, but I get there are only 24 hours to a day.

Edit - and as an aside, both series are truly excellent, imho. Each take a little to find their footing, but once they do they’re must-watch shows for a Star Wars fan.

Edit 2 - I can think of one specific arc in Rebels which absolutely won’t make as much sense nor hit as emotionally hard if seen before the corresponding (but obviously earlier) arc in Clone Wars.

There are also a few episodes in the Tales of the Jedi series that focus on Ahsoka, before the clone wars, during the clone wars, and after the clone wars.

Episodes 1, 5 and 6.

Oh thanks for the reminder, I need to finish that.