Star Wars: Battlefront II is a great game from a certain point of view


Why all the lag? Any conjectures from any one? Ddos or similar attacks from unhappy groups?

Been seeing lag/rubberbanding posts for a few days.

Still waiting to hear their plan to fix the game before purchasing.


I saw lag because unlike BF1 I get no choice of server or even map. It was not super common but every 10 to 15 mins my char would pause for about 15 secs and the world would go on without me. Then I would suddenly catch up.


So it seems everyone is idleing for credits, look at this shit.


Lol that’s great. They ruined Star Wars with a game design so bad Darth Vader is running in circles.


hahahahaha! the old stick the penny in the keyboard trick…


What’s the credits payout on one of those matches, and how long does it go for?

Asking for a friend…


No one to blame but themselves. (I am referring to EA)
It sucked for non rubber banding players.


I’ve seen payouts in the 95-100 credit range for doing nothing. Usually happens when you join a match in the last minute.

Also who the frack thought it was a good idea to add players to a match in the last minute?


Man, this reminds me of a story from trying to bypass the system back in the day for points. There was an unlock in one of the Battlefields (maybe Bad Company 2) where you had to heal a teammate 5 times or whatever, but it had to be 5 separate lives/respawns. So my brother and I are trying to cheese this unlock online by going out of bounds behind the spawn base, intentionally shooting each other, and then healing, and running out of bounds to die and respawn. For understandable reasons my brother’s favorite place to shoot me was in the crotch. He even took a knee to shoot accurately. Up real close.

So at some point this random guy spawns near us and notices us booking it to the back of the base. He starts following us. And then stops and watches us taking turns kneeling in front of each other. He watches this for a second then slooooowly backs out of there, like the guy entering the bathroom in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.





Reading that article, they hit the nail on the head. EA still seems to be giving off the vibe that we the consumer is at fault for the situation going on with Battlefield 2.

We should have just accepted the shit progression system, the loot boxes, the grind, and tossed them tons of money for crystals, and been grateful for them making the game the way it is.

Here is todays 1.03 patch notes. Fixing stuff that doesn’t address any of the real problems.


That’s like blaming junkies for being addicted to drugs. Yes, they absolutely had poor judgment when they smoked rock that first time, no doubt about that. If they had just said “no thanks bro, I’m cool” they wouldn’t be fellating old men in port-a-potties now for tree fiddy. All true.

But ultimately it’s a public health problem, and the best way to address that isn’t to tskkk tsssk at the people with moral failings, it’s to stop the flow of the addictive substance at the source.


I remember back when eBay first came along, it was unbelievable. All of a sudden here was everything for sale you had ever heard of. Nothing too obscure. I remember one night after a few drams of bourbon I ordered the complete Babylon 5 series on VHS. It was a bootleg off the TV, super poor quality but that was the only way to see it.

It was the first time it was really easy to spend money electronically. Things sure have progressed.


NPD reports that BF2 sold 882k units last month. That’s a gigantic drop from the previous launch month. EA says they are confident sales will bump up with the movie release.


Even with the recent extra credits patch, the game’s progression system remains unpleasant to deal with. I want a game mode that gives Scrap , not credits.


Just for reference, Battlefront sold 2.1 million in Nov 2015.


Is EA one of the companies providing digital numbers to NPD now? Not that I think they did 1 million in digital sales but it would be less terrible if digital’s excluded.


Digital is not included in EA’s data to NPD, but it also wasn’t included in 2015 so while it likely sold more in total, it still sold badly compared to the last game.


Yeah, I’ll give them enough to make it over 1 million with the digital sales but given it’s actually a better game than the first one given what I played in the beta, they can’t be happy.

I hope they’ve used the time since launch to reconsider everything and start working on a complete overhaul of the rewards system. There is an opportunity for redemption if they get that right.