Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - EA, Respawn

A friend of mine does the score for the EA games. He just finished this.

The game is pretty, but if it’s all combat, all the time then no thanks.

(Not sure how the game is being advertised.)

There’s certainly a story in there too.

Respawn. Titanfall 2. Guys who made God of War III. Chris Avellone contributed to the story. It’s a solo game only with no multiplayer. I don’t think it’s going to be like a 16-bit game with a few chat bubbles between levels.

I just found out about this. I am pumped to see how it reviews.

I got my deluxe edition key for Xbox from - they just uploaded them. They have a pretty good deal for Xbox, with about 40% off as of writing, but their discounts change throughout the day based on sales - I paid £38.99 UKP on Monday morning. It registered ok in the xbox store and I’m preloading now. It’s about 38GB for the full install, or at least the preload element.

I’m excited but a bit nervous about the release embargo, which expires just before the game becomes available in the Pacific region.

Personally I will get it through Origin Premiere. I still have few months of basic, so they will refund me 8 euros, so I will add extra 7 and get a month of Premiere, which should hopefully be enough time to play through Fallen Order and maybe even Plague Tale. For this renting of games these services are pretty good.

I was looking through the Premier list this morning. They have quite a few tantalizing prospects. The new Need For Speed, which is getting okay reviews, but is getting criticized for being only 30fps on console, but it should be better on PC. Plague Tale, Jedi: Fallen Order and Plants vs Zombies, the new Garden Warfare.

On the other hand, Jedi: Fallen Order might be a game I actually want to buy and replay someday. I’m still waiting on reviews.

I think I’ll just wait for it to come round to regular old EA Access.

You have the patience of a saint.

I have the backlog of a sinner.

How does this thread even continue after that exchange I wonder?

Preload on Origin is up. I sure hope this game is good!

I have the utmost faith in Respawn and the people they hired that made this game. Track record means everything in this industry and these people have it.


You’re right, of course.

Man, you’re making it hard not to pull the trigger. The review embargo won’t lift until the moment of the game’s release though. So I’m really trying to wait.

I stay with my Premiere access every year, since I get both FIFA and Madden every year, so the $100 price covers that easily (vs $59.99 for each). So anything I can play in addition to those two is simply a bonus.

Reviews be damned. It’s a free game as far as I’m concerned.

All righty, my Xbox pre-order is pre-loading. I’m totally pre-ready to pre-play.

My wallet is safe because a) Star Wars, b) The protagonist. If it weren’t for these two things I would be all over this new Respawn game. These guys are fantastic. I hope the game delivers them a mega blockbuster.

Do we need to use sabers and hokey religion or can I use a good blaster?

That’s a good question, because I’ve not seen any footage of Cal using a blaster.