Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - EA, Respawn

Failing a jumping puzzle does slowly whittle away at your health bar, it’s not a lot, but if you’re bad at jumping (as I am) when combined with the save system, it can cause problems.

I’d say you can fail a jump around 8 times on a full health bar before you’re dead (not accounting for healing potions, assuming you have them left when you happen to hit said jumping puzzle). Also there are some of the ice sliding sequences with jumping needing force powers where it’s difficult to even toggle taking a healing potion in between jumps without getting yourself killed.

Last night I played it to the completion of the second planet. I’m surprised that I already got two abilities to get past the majority of the stuff I couldn’t access on the first planet already. When I make it back to my ship, I’m tempted to not move forward but to go back to the first planet and go back to those areas instead.

When I saw those inaccessible areas on the first planet, I thought I would unlock abilities over a long period of time that would give me access to those areas. Hence my surprise that I already got them on the planet after that.

There is an interesting weapon upgrade [minor spoiler a double-bladed light saber] and a bunch of health and force upgrades that you can get if you go back to the first planet. I think those are all accessible with the new force skills you get on the second planet, but it’s possible I’m misremembering and I went to the third planet before going back.

Specifically you need the force ability to push things around and break blocked paths marked as weakened walls in order to get to some of the areas. IIRC there are still areas that I could not access there, so you still won’t be able to solve everything there after getting to the second planet.

That’s on Dathomir.

Wow, I didn’t realize platformer genre conventions had established themselves so early in history.

I looked it up, apparently it’s on both.

I found it on the first planet (Bogano?).

I raised the spire of Miktrull and was trying to make it back to my ship, having a helluva time traversing the Zeffo map and ended up getting myself captured and thrown into a gladiator pit, which makes me wonder if this was avoidable.

Maybe. Did you die? Did you notice the changed the word Respawn to Rewaken.

Oh hey, pro tip for ya - don’t forget to head back to Bogano at some point, there are more goodies to be found once you unlock some new abilities. I found two atom upgrades and a cool lightsaber upgrade! Plus my teeth are whiter!

There’s so many cool Ponchos and BD-1 skins in this game already that I’m unlocking. Did anyone get the Deluxe edition?

Is the Poncho and BD-1 skin that comes with the deluxe edition so good that you don’t immediately change to the new ones when you find them in the game? I like switching to the new stuff immediately, it makes it so my character doesn’t need to shower/change oil.

I did, kind of a letdown. I too just tend to roll with whatever the latest poncho I find may be. I’ve left BD-1 in his original look though, the others seem too garish.

Check out this sweet green material I found for my lightsaber.

On second thought, forget checking it out. You can’t really see it. Just know that it’s cool looking. Just know. That’s enough.

Finished it this morning. 8.5/10, respawn’s best game, good job. Ending was cool with you know who appearing.
Some bosses were pretty difficult on jedi master difficulty. Spent good 30 minutes on few of them.

What was your total playtime and completion %, @Paul_cze?

Around 24 hours, most planets explored to 90+%, only Zeffo at 85%.

would it be longer if started at a higher difficulty? Sometimes I hated Dark Souls for its difficulty like in DS3 the Iritihyll area, enemys are so tough, I replayed certain sections many times, and I bet you can do everything there in less than an hour, but it took me 5-6 with a little bit coop on the side, to learn the boss, grind some souls etc.

So back to the question, if you start on a harder difficulty, how does it feel? I guess it should take longer to complete … Do you get rewards for higher difficulties?

Don’t know but you can adjust difficulty mid game.

I think my favourite thing is how BDO adjusts his little position as you squeeze through cracks :) They really committed with the squeezing through cracks budget.

Work seems extra boring today. I can’t stop thinking about JFO. I want to be at home, playing it right now!

Holy shit this game is awesome!
I absolutely love the beginning. It pulled me in immediately. The graphics, the direction… faaantastic.
It feels like Star Wars Prince of Persia The Sands of Time.

I hope it continues on with the same level of quality.