Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - EA, Respawn

And yet people say they are finding it hard! Maybe your expectations (assuming you meant should in that way) are just wrong here?

…which is cool! That’s the game design. It actually is a good way to learn how to beat those bosses yourself tbh.

As for myself, I don’t really care if anyone classified me as a “gamer”, the word is meaningless to me. As a extension, I don’t care if some random internet asshole thinks the things I like to kill time with are “games”.

The thing that I find oddly annoying (and sure, it’s a me thing) is when someone ostensibly joins a discussion to ask why someone might enjoy these non-game experiences and their refuse to accept the answer. At this point I’m going to conclude that discussion is likely impossible and move on.

…for the record, I definitely do not play on the highest difficulty, in pretty much everything. I use the default or if that’s too easy the one step up. A lot of third party AAA games have been making default too easy lately so I’m usually one step up. In the thread at Resetera, many people went right to Grand Master difficulty.

Funny enough, Nintendo games don’t usually have this problem. Their default difficulty offers challenge while also keeping things reasonable for most players. Maybe the real issue is that playtesting is hard.

IIRC, @tomchick had a problem with one of those 10Tons shooters where it basically expected him to use a slider to make it easier/harder. This game sorta does the same thing but with four choices.

The issue is the combat/controls just aren’t as tight as it is in Souls, or the more direct comparison Sekiro. This may in part be related to the PS4 version supposedly having higher input lag.

Looking back at the game, there are definite rough technical edges and I think that’s one of them, @forgeforsaken. My son complained a lot about not getting parries and being pretty damn sure he was on the money with them. I need to play Sekiro myself for a comparison to that.

I’m looking forward to a sequel very much. It sets things up nicely for that and they’ve got plenty of time now to get their arms around what they built that worked and how to make that better. I expect it to be like Uncharted 2 following Uncharted from a technical perspective.

Picked this up last night, installed it, am immediately going to lower it to ultra super easy when I start it. Let’s fight about that.

I would hope people would respect your decision to play a video game in whatever way you have the most fun with, without comment.

I know one person out there probably won’t.

Just reconcile yourself to the fact that you’re basically just watching a movie and we can all go on about our business.

If anyone wants to continue the discussion there.

You cheated not only the game, but yourself.

You didn’t grow.
You didn’t improve.
You took a shortcut and gained nothing.

You experienced a hollow victory.
Nothing was risked and nothing was gained.

It’s sad that you don’t know the difference.

I dont have an account there, but I appreciate the thought.

I can’t believe that he decided to reduce the discussion difficulty level from “Qt3” to “ResetEra”.

This is me. I start games on default difficulty. As soon as I have to retry a section multiple times I lower the difficulty. I do not have the time in my life to keep trying until I succeed (either through learning controls better or slowly learning strategy like in a Souls game). I’m a full time developer who also happens to own a game store and is a parent of an autistic kid. Time is my most valuable commodity and I’m in games for the experience and story not the challenge. As soon as a game starts abusing my scarce resource of time, I will try to change the game to fit my lifestyle or simply stop playing.

I LOL’d. For real.

Well, it made me terribly motion sick, so everyone wins.

Except me.

So basically you all don’t agree with me so personal attacks are ok. Got it.

To be fair, it seemed to those that choose a lower difficulty as though you were the one attacking them.

Why, because I called it super easy? That’s an attack?