Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - EA, Respawn

If you had just called story mode “super-easy” this wouldn’t be a conversation, because of course it is. You referred to the normal mode as super easy, which is great for you. Congrats. But that’s not the case for everyone. And I will not believe that’s a concept you cannot grasp.

This is just a sample, I’m doing other things right now so I’m not going to deep dive into this. If you can’t look at these quotes and realize that not everyone subscribes to your world-view, if you just lack basic empathy to understand that not everyone wants to play games the same way you do, then there isn’t a discussion to be had, and I’m out. I mean, I don’t care anyway I guess, but you asked me directly, and seem truely oblivious somehow, so here we are.

And besides, others have already pointed all of this stuff out to you, and I know you got those little notifications in the upper corner of your screen, so skim through those and see if that doesn’t help a little. But yes, even if you aren’t doing it overtly, you are attacking the people that play on super easy mode with your words. And there isn’t any reason to be a dick about it, but here we are. One of those examples, perhaps, of “keep your opinions to yourself”. I guess it’s too late for both of us.

Genuinely curious: which post did you consider a personal attack? Wavey’s post about Qt3 vs ResetEra being a lowering of difficulty? Scott’s post about continuing the discussion there?

I mean there were some pretty harsh initial responses, however I can understand reacting strongly and negatively to the gatekeeping in Dave’s initial post.

Responding ‘fuck you buddy’ may be pretty strong, but when responding to ‘not a game’ ‘real gamer’ ‘watch a movie instead’ type comments, I can understand where it comes from.

I had completely forgotten about this,

But to be fair, when I wrote it I thought we were all sort of kidding around about it and didn’t at the time know Dave was being so serious about the topic. That is, in hindsight, pretty harsh and a moment of levity that didn’t age well, so my apologies.

However, my sentiment still stands - it’s a shitty thing to say to someone, “well, if you aren’t good at normal you must suck” in other words (paraphrase).

If it was, I can only apologise. It was only meant to be a dumb joke about rival games forums, no malice intended to Dave Long - and if it didn’t come across like that, that’s on me. Sorry.

Likewise. My time is too valuable for that, unless I’m aching to be punished.

The thing is, this could be the one game I find easy on default level, and may not need to lower difficulty (which I would feel good about). It’s just good we have options to go up or down. But I feel it is very important for the developers to tell us, the players, the way they’d prefer to see it played and how challenging they want it to be.

I’m ok with developers telling me their preferred difficulty. I might not have tried Halo on Bungie’s stated “best” difficulty, heroic, had they not said. But having tried it, I agree. It feels right.

But if Bungie, or 343, or Microsoft told me hey, if you’re not playing on Heroic you’re just watching a movie, I’d probably say well screw this noise. I have lots of other things I could be doing.

Getting back to the game discussion a bit:

I’m what feels pretty deep in and really enjoying it. The gameplay definitely took a little while to get used to; combat is similar to Sekiro, but just enough different that I was thrown off. It doesn’t feel quite as responsive, and I had a lot of initial trouble with the camera.

I’ve gotten a lot better (and my character a lot more powerful) and the game feels appropriately challenging for me; when I die it’s because I messed up.

A few combat thoughts/tips

-Blocking is really good. Most attacks can be blocked, and you can block a decent number in a row
-It’s very rhythm based, once your attack gets parried go right back to blocking (or try to get your own parry in). If you see an unlockable attack, sidestep and punish
-Take out ranged enemies first, they don’t do a ton of damage, but can stun you.

  • DO NOT MASH. Don’t just spam light attack. If your enemy isn’t in range you’re just leaving yourself open, and each swing is a decent commit. Find out how many hits you can get in during openings and stick to that. Getting greedy gets you killed.
    -Force push is OP. Lots of fights yout can just toss people off cliffs. Even if you can’t, it can very effectively break up a group.
    -Slow is also great, in one on one fighting it’s essentially a free heal/hit.
    -I personally don’t use heavy attacks that much, bigger wind up and uses force power that I would rather have for tossing people around.
    -Figure out when to roll and when to sidestep. I like to roll against bigger monsters with their sweeping and charging attacks. Sidestep is great against humans for punishing unlockable attacks

Exploration is great, which is good because there is a ton of backtracking and, in my case, a moderate amount of getting lost.

As for difficulty, started on grand master, bumped down to jedi master, thinking about bumping back up. BUT I really love these kinds of combat games. Sekiro is my goty, loved God of War on hard etc.

Thanks Andy.

Note to self: Use Force Push, you keep forgetting to use it and haven’t used it since the first planet.
2nd Note to self: Put Sekiro on your wishlist.
3rd Note to self: Get off Kashykk as soon as possible, I’m getting a little tired of being in swamps.

How does one side step? Pressing B rolls to dodge? Or do you just mean move with the stick?

Tap dodge to sidestep, double press to roll. It’s rally easy to get in the habit of mashing the button and only rolling.

Edit: also, how did the sliding sections make it through playtesting? They are terrible.

Independence day but with the mechs from Enemy Unknown, so we get the tear jerk moment where someone decides to sacrifice their legs to become a mech to save humanity.

I’d watch that.

I don’t agree about them being terrible, but there are probably too many of them, and sometimes it doesn’t really make sense (like wet stone), but the idea is clearly giving a sense of speed and forward motion with some jumping puzzles to grab vines or the like. I don’t mind them myself, though if they weren’t in the game I wouldn’t be sad or anything.

They’re salvaged by the instant retries. If those weren’t there they’d be disastrous.

For whatever reason the sliding sections landed really flat for me.

I liked the rest of the exploring. I probably should have spent sometime going back and using my new abilities. Once I had the final area unlocked I pretty much went full throttle to the end. Downside is I did not have a ton of stims or force/health bar to work with! Final boss was definitely pretty tough, though hard to get much of a chance to heal during the fight so can’t say more stims would have helped much. I really like the one on one Jedi duels, definitely a highlight for me.

Don’t want to spoil it by describing it, but that final sequence was fantastic.

I played it for the first time since reading this post. Oh my god, this makes a nice difference! Tap dodge to sidestep, double press to roll. The sidestep actually works great against the Kashyyk spiders that I tried it on.

Also, I finally, finally got the last “childhood flashback” unlock ability. I can’t wait to go back to that optional second planet and go back to where I can continue now that I can get past that barrier.

Cal Kestis

I made really great progress on Kashyyk today, except when I was hunting for secrets. I finally was able to enter a cave that the game has been teasing me with since the beginning of Kashyyk. Yes! Finally. I wonder what’s in here?

As soon as I entered the darkness, I promptly fell through the world.

I guess the single stormtrooper guarding the cave was there to protect me from unfinished content?

And kept falling forever. Pressing buttons does nothing, I just keep falling. Eventually I brought up the menu and quit to the desktop. Man, it’s surprisingly stressful to fall through the world.

Got to be honest, I don’t get it. I haven’t beaten the game though, so maybe this will make sense later?

No, I don’t get it either.