Starbound - If Terraria was a whole galaxy

I sure hope this games gets a lot of mods that really change things up. I am at the final mission in the unstable branch. Tonight I plan on copying my game to the release version and finishing it there. I am not sure what the future of the unstable branch will be.

Anyway, I basically teched first and then did the story. The story missions are very boring. Just locate a few planents where race X has a presence and scan everything. Then teleport to an area and fight a boss, each more ridiculous than the last. It is just that sense of discovery and “oh that is cool” from terraria is missing. I also am not impressed with the weapons.

The only upgrade is going from tier planet to one higher. However, imagine that you are on a tier 5 planet and find a fire element shotgun with a grenade launcher. Great. Now you go on looting that and other tier 5 planets and collect another 20 elemental shotguns with grenade launchers. None of them will be any better. Some will do a bit more damage, but will cost a bit more energy to compensate. Some will fire slightly faster, but do slightly lower damage. In other words, there is no real loot hunt in this game.

It would be also cool to find rare armors that were really good and if your backpack had multiple upgrade slots. A custom gear creation system would be nice. Or a system to add mods to existing gear.

All in all its just kind of an “ok” game. I am not sure if there will be any point in continuing to play it after I beat the final boss.

I’ve read they got rid of the survival stuff like eating and whatnot - is this true?

Temperature is out. Food/hunger is in, on Survival difficulty.

How have people been liking this? I finally dug into it for a few hours and am super happy with how it turned out all these years later.

All I’ve done is the first intro mission: Explore planet --> Discover thing --> Collect 20 things from the core of the planet --> Deliver things --> Taken to new place

It’s an awesome mix of Terraria + guided storytelling. Inventory management and such is a huge improvement over Terraria, exploration and maneuverability is nice, and crafting seems easier and more straightforward. It was quite the thrill exploring underneath this starting planet with super basic tools, only to have to slowly and carefully escape after all of it. Once I got to [[new place]] it really seems to open up and get a lot more interesting too.

Can’t wait to play more of it!

I’ve been enjoying it quite a lot. I’m about 17 hours of playtime in and haven’t started getting bored, which is a good sign. I’ve gotten to the point that I’m visiting other stars and types of planets. There is some gating that makes sure you don’t go somewhere you can’t handle yet (like needing to make an environmental suit in order to harvest fuel that allows you to travel to the next star system, upgrading to anti-radiation gear to go to certain planets, etc.)

Have read some complaints about it being a “lather-rinse-repeat” kind of game where you are just upgrading your weapons and armor to go to the next planet that has proportionally more difficult things, meaning you never feel more powerful. I can see that point of view, honestly, but this isn’t really an ARPG where you’re unlocking crazy new weapons and abilities. The weapons and armor are, again, mostly a throttle to stop you from moving to a planet/star that you aren’t ready for yet.

Update 1.1 released.

  • Fishing activity
  • Collections menu
  • Relocator tool that can move friendly animals
  • Novakid villages

Update 1.2 The Vault

  • Adds endgame Ancient Vaults
  • Terraforming
  • New weapon upgrades
  • Holiday items and Space Santa

Starbound passed the 2.5 million sales mark and the developers are planning to expand the space gameplay.


Just picked this up. It reminds me of a much better Dig or Die. I guess I can add this to my ‘not all side scrollers suck’ list.

Just started a game and my spawn point is next to a camp. There are two tents that I can use to regenerate health. A campfire, chairs and crates full of stuff. Guy comes by and explains that if I’m looking for cores I should go to the abandoned mine nearby.. It’s inhabited by various creatures but full of treasure. Cool.

Just started playing this again after 2 years, it is really great fun, great evolution of Terraria.

The unstable version of 1.3 is out - space stations, customizable mechs, the works.

1.3 stable is out!

My kid and I started playing this and I’m over the moon. Starbound is exactly what I was looking for in multiplayer adventure/RPG with story, quest, and exploration elements. I’m still trying to figure out how to repair my dang ship but I have hope that any day now I can hit the skies. Who else is still playing, and why aren’t we Steam friends?

It’s a great game, I finished the storyline. It gets a bit repetitive towards the end but is fun getting there. You could just settle down on a planet and build a huge base instead though.

I did a couple of the bounties and they’re fun. You have to track the bounty down, usually across systems (stock up on fuel!), and scan for fingerprints and search for clues and such. You earn rank with the Peacekeepers when you complete a bounty and also some sort of “credits” that I suppose can be traded in for specific Peacekeeper items…but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

It’s amazing how much content this game has already and it’s nice to see Chucklefish devoting time and energy to it still. Outstanding value for $15 particularly when compared to a $60 game like Rage 2 which I played all of 3 hours and haven’t really felt the urge to go back.

Is anyone interested in going with me on a 4 pack. That would be 6.75 person (it’s 26.99 for a 4 pack).

I’ve already got a copy, buy would be interested in getting another for my son.