Stardock owns Star Control and is planning an "XCOM-like" reboot


Oh yeah, note to self: go back and play this again someday, it’s pretty good.


Yeah it’s not bad at all. I think the main criticism I have is that gameplay wise, it hews a little too close to Star Control 2. It’s been ages since I’ve played that game so I didn’t really know that was going to be an issue given that it’s one of my favorite games of all time, but some parts of the game design haven’t necessarily aged well in my opinion.

Usually sequels/remakes/whatever make missteps where they “fix” and “improve” too many things that worked fine, and they often don’t pan out nearly as well as the original. This is the opposite case where I think Stardock could have gone back to spruce things up a bit more. I still had a pretty good time with it from what I played, but I did realize I didn’t like the Star Control gameplay quite as much in 2018 as I did in 1992.


I found myself growing very bored of the tedium of the core loop after a few hours. I suck at the 2D twitch combat, so I tried to let the AI module control it, but it was awful and got me killed constantly. I was either gonna need to grind up enough RU from the shitty planets I could reach before running out of fuel to build a death fleet that would let me get far enough into space to actually advance the plot and unlock more warp points (cuz fuel limits make it basically impossible to sail anywhere interesting early on; the warp stations make getting around easier, but only unlock when you fly to each one and discover it, usually without any guidance or hints). … or learn to get good at the fighting portion.

I opted to quit, instead :(


the way he says ‘space assholes’ here made me chortle loudly


Yeah, the writing (and, honestly, character design) were by far the strongest elements of the game. If I could play it like an adventure game rather than a strategy/action/adventure hybrid, I’d be so much happier, i think. Or if the strategy/action portions were just, you know, good.


That’s the way I feel about SC2 as well. Every time I want to go back into it, I remember what a chore the beginning of the game is. And that if you don’t do the right thing, your allies just die. It’s like the first version of Drox Operative, but not in a great way.


Funnily enough, that’s exactly why I’ve never beaten 2 myself


I have a love/hate relationship with the concept of a timer and real consequences. When pulled off well it’s a wonderful thing, but it is rarely pulled off well. SC2 may really be the only exception, especially given how few games even try that approach. On the other hand, without any real time pressure I often end up doing side quests and screwing around until I’ve burned out on the game and never really finish the main story (I’m looking at you Fallout 4).


you finish that fucking game… you finish it now!

That said, I’m using CheatEngine on SC:O right now to play it more like an adventure game and it’s much nicer.

You can easily use cheats on SC2 to get you through the grind (or at least get enough maneuvering thrusters to make the game playable…) and to the story.


I mean, I’ve seen the end of the game. I just wasn’t the one to do it :)


(AP I leaned back too in probably a similar office chair --also it is better for our backs)


Have you tried Soldak games? They’re the best ones at this.


Fallout 1 was pretty generous about its time limits, IMO. There were only a few, IIRC, and the big one could be delayed for a while depending on your actions. (But one of them was not communicated to the player, so it was possible to end up arriving late to a particular destination, simply to find most everyone there already murdered.)


Holy shit, the Menkmack alone were worth the price of admission…

I’m definitely enjoying this story a lot more. I ended up doing a Cheat Engine on it just to help advance the story as I don’t love the resource grind.


I think you’re confused Adam. The other thread is about the trial stuff. I fell behind in that one and have over 200 663 posts to read in it.


Lol my bad hahaha, sorry


This thread may not be just the perfect home for this news, but I figured folks who read this thread might be interested. Chet over at CRPG Addict has finally reached Star Control 2 in his steady advancement through computer role playing games, here is his first entry:


Holy heck. I’ve can’t believe he’s gotten this far. I think he literally played every RPG ever.


Earth Rising - Part 2: Return of the Lexites for Star Control: Origins released today!

Return of the Lexites presents the player with its most dangerous challenge yet – a post-singularity species whose motives are a mystery.

  • Lexites - The Post-Humans who left Earth decades ago are back!
  • New Missions
  • New Ships
  • New Weapons

More info:


Nice! And just to clarify, it looks like this was included with the original purchase of Earth Rising - no extra DLC to grab.