Stardock owns Star Control and is planning an "XCOM-like" reboot


Yes, Yes, and No.


There were 2 Star Control games before this. Just 2.


Star Control 3 is an underappreciated gem y’all. Bah, bah I say!


I mainly played the melee’s of starcon 2 and 3 and honestly didn’t think the melee portion of starcon 3 was all that bad.


But surely not in 3D perspective, right? You switched to top-down? That 3D mode messed with my eyeballs. Couldn’t hit shit.


I could play it in either mode by the end. I started off in 2D mode, but I kept switching to 3D since it looked so pretty. And by the end of the game I was mostly playing 3D mode, even Hyper Melee mode. Your brain just needs time to adjust. It helps that in the campaign, there’s a lot of easy battles, so you can still do them easily in 3D, even when you’re not used to it yet.


Yeah, hypermelee was fine in Star Control 3 - there were some good ship designs. Even the aliens were decent. It was just the game that was largely broken.


The thing I remember about SC3 was that it seemed like it wanted to combine strategy and RPG together and that didn’t really work.


IGN sat down with Stardock’s Patrick Shaw to take a look at Adventure Mode!


May preview trailer!


All right, I am down for adventure mode. That looks totally up my alley.


Here’s an interview with our producer about Star Control: Origins.


That is perhaps one of the most egregious mail-it-in interviews I’ve ever read. I mean, I understand mail-it-interviews, but sheesh. Those questions were straight from the “gam3z jurlnalism” class 101.

Stardock needs to have a sit down with @tomchick, not randos from the Interwebs. Then we’ll get to whole bottom of this sordid Star Control business!


May dev journal is out!


“any people are already somewhat aware that Mass Effect is considered a remake of Star Control II (with enough changes to keep the copyright and trademark gods happy).”

Wait; what?

I am actually really looking forward to this game – it’s obviously a Stardock all-hands-on-deck, do-or-die effort --but again, geez.

There are also mentions of that the “classic” SC2 races might show up. I thought… but Brad said…

You know what, never mind. I’m sure this sausage will be delicious and I don’t really want to know how it’s made.


I thought you made that quote up as a joke.

Who are these many people? Is this just a weird attempt to appeal to Mass Effect fans?


What’s weird about it? Mass Effect scratches nearly the same itch that Starflight and Star Control did for me way back when.


How? Like, I’m honestly asking how ME gameplay scratches the itch for Star Control or Starflight.


A remake of Star Control II? A FPS shooter RPG with no spaceship combat?

They are both space opera themed games, but I remake with just enough changes to avoid copyright and trademark?


What a positively stupid thing for them to have said.