Stardock owns Star Control and is planning an "XCOM-like" reboot





Is #freestarcontrol trending?


It’s everything you imagined it would be. And then some.

Oh, and he also updated the FAQ with the latest developments regarding the DMCA


I … admit I haven’t. Yeah, it sure seems like Brad has found an outlet, lol.


Star Control Origins came in at number 4 of Yahtzee’s best games of 2018.
Not too shabby.


Aw fuck no!


Fingers crossed for SD to prevail.

I guess buying the game now (if possible) you’d risk that P&F end up with the $?


I think this has always been the case, if they were to prevail.


Well, guess it wasn’t the case before they started rattling their sabers (once they smelled money.)


Man, there’s a wildly inaccurate take on how this whole thing went down


Weird that you’re not posting this in the thread dedicated to the legal case where most here disagree with you.


They do not feel like sharing their delusions.




I am leaned back at least 15 degrees from the vertical in my office chair right now, bro; I’m the motherfucking picture of relaxed!