Starfield by Bethesda -- PC and Xbox exclusive -- 11-11-22

But those are the same folks that will say MS somehow cheated by just buying the company/exclusive- apparently that’s just not a fair way to do it.

Remember 5 years ago when we thought Microsoft would never have a real games division again???


I have no idea where my Morrowind copy ever went to or I’d try it. I’ve wanted to see how well MOISE is, which is the only Morrowind setup using Wabbajack.

Only copy I had was on disc. I don’t even have an optical drive anymore. I’m sure it can be purchased pretty cheap at this point. Or hell, it’s on GamePass, but I don’t know how much that restricts the mods – I think quite a bit, if memory serves.

I still have my discs but also own on Steam. My Steam purchase history shows I bought MW in 2012 for $5. I don’t think I’ve ever installed the Steam version, but I’ve always taken comfort knowing it is there.

Uh, what are these things? Is MOISE just UI enhancements or does it help combat and eliminate those annoying flying things? I know there had been a mod to eliminate them.

Someone needs to mod Morrowind to implement good gamepad controls. Actually, that might be a nightmare given Morrowind’s interface. I remember thinking that when I heard about an Xbox version.

Oh yeah, the Xbox version of Morrowind is on game pass. I should try that out just to see how they handled the UI.

I’ve been meaning to take a look at that myself, just curious how it looks. I’m assuming it got a nice resolution bump through BC.

Yep. The Game of the Year edition:

Mods seem fine:

It’s also on XBox game pass

I had Morrowind on the OG Xbox console, and I thought game pad controls were fine. Eventually I put a mod chip in it, and I could get mods working on it with a little fiddling once I installed the disc to the HD. Good times, but that’s what prevents me from playing using BC on my XSX. Damn, even just the ability to install Better Bodies/Faces and the Cliff Racer mod would go a long way to making it playable. Now that MS owns Bethesda, they should get a team on adding simple mod support to that version.

I’ve been wanting to replay Morrowind as well, especially since I never finished Tribunal and didn’t even get to start Bloodmoon.

Have thought about playing it on Xbox, or at least checking it out, but CLIFFRACERS (I think I played with a mod that got rid of them on PC).

Here’s a Digital Foundry video on it on Xbox:

Downloading now. I may even play vanilla.

(Sorry to turn this into a MW thread).

Well, we have to fill the next year and change with something.

If you are trying to play Morrowind it’s probably worth checking out

I am ALSO installing MW right now, lol.

Back to Starfield…I don’t see much evidence of a plucky crew (and that’s not really a trademark of Bethesda’s) but if the game has an adequate economy (please PLEASE let it have a strong economic model!) could this scratch the itch I’ve had for a Firefly game for, like, ever?

Look - an asteroid! Wonder what’s inside.

Ha! I am also going to install Morrowind this weekend.

So, is there some kind of mod that includes multiple mods that improve the game graphically and mechanically while still keeping it close to the original?

Back in the day I used 9 or 10 different mods but have no idea what those were. And thinking about the hours I spent just trying out different mods makes me shudder.

I just posted almost the exact same thing in the Morrowind thread.

I want to play, but I don’t want to spend ages tracking down and installing mods. That sounds exhausting.

But I also don’t want my eyes to bleed.

Oh god, please no more Firefly. But I’d that’s what you really want have you tried The Outer Worlds? It even has a plucky female mechanic!

Ha! Blasphemer.

I enjoyed The Outer Worlds SPECIFICALLY because it did remind me quite a bit of Firefly, but was a little too on rails.

But I did have a lot of fun with it, and I’d be shocked if Firefly wasn’t some of the inspiration. I especially enjoyed the Kaylee companion.