Starfield by Bethesda -- PC and Xbox exclusive -- 09/06/23

(All good demons, etc.)

New trailer 11-11-22 -

So what kind of game is this, Daggerfall in space?

I have nothing to say except I am extremely glad it was at least acknowledged as existing by Bethesda, and I am ready to play this anytime they decide to release.

You make title screens. That’s the whole game.

Humanity build the first spaceship only to find the stars are only holes in a black sphere. Beyond that theres a sea of light.

I can’t believe they didn’t call it “Spacerim”

Hines said in an interview that they have a playable build of this already so I expect we will set a lot sooner than many people think.

Why even make a trailer like that? It gives no clue as to the game play. At least with the ES 6 trailer, we already know what to expect.

These things are often as much for investors as they are for fans. Not that investors don’t get their own private pitches, but I’m just saying.

Because they wanted to prevent fans from storming HQ.

It’s called a “teaser” trailer for a reason.

Couple other reasons to announce a game this far in advance, without any real info:

  • Recruiting - Bethesda probably has an easier time than most with this, but getting top talent to move out to the DC area where there aren’t any other game studios is probably a challenge. Especially for engineers. And not being able to tell them what they’d be working on doesn’t help.
  • Internal morale - it’s always tough to be working on a project for a long time that nobody will even acknowledge. Now the team can tell their friends and such. There’s prestige associated with working on a game like Starfield and now the staff can cash in on that socially.

Neither factor require Bethesda to announce. They could have waited. It’s risky for them because the game could end up failing milestones or getting set back, and suddenly they have to answer why Starfield isn’t at their E3 conference for three more years.

But for whatever reason they said “screw it” and did it anyway.


So Starfield or M&B Bannerlords? Which one am I playing first?

Otherwise they would have ended the conference talking about Elder Scrolls Legends, Fallout Shelter, Fallout 76, and then an elder scrolls phone game. So this was pretty much them wanting to end the conference going “we are still working on hard core single player games that made us famous”.

Starfield: It seems that all mythologies are true. Once a person is famous enough, when he died his or her spirit fly to the sky and become a new start. Scientist find about this when they build the first space rocket, They End Finding Elvis and Nero floating in space, Iridiscents like Tiny Suns. … AND THERES WAR.

So american gods,… in space.

This is the best thing that came out of E3 imho

I’m hoping for no man’s lie, but good.

You’ll play Star Citizen first. :)

That is brilliant. @Balasarius should change the subject to “Starfield by Bethesda: No Man’s Lie”.

Needs a “?” on the end of it.

Or, even better, “…?”