Starfield by Bethesda -- PC and Xbox exclusive -- 2023...?

That was because the dungeons, some of them at least, were randomly created, and sometimes that process neglected to include an egress. Oops. Happened a lot to me.

Same. I’m hoping we get a big gameplay reveal here soon so I can start getting hyped. Instead all these little videos/blogs/updates just annoy me.

I hope we don’t get the big gameplay reveal until close to release. I enjoy the little updates that tease the peripheral bits without revealing the game.

I agree - but we don’t need these non-updates in the meanwhile, either. They could have just as easily and timely dropped this last update post-reveal in Sep or whenever they do it. In the past we’ve gotten big, juicy, exciting play throughs with explanation/commentary by the devs not too far out from release (I’m thinking of Skyrim and Fallout 4 for sure, probably others) so I am confident something like that is coming, but talking about the game without showing us even screenshots is just frustrating.

Yep! But I liked that. I get why it might not be a good idea, but for me, a dungeon that may have no viable exit just made it feel more real or whatever. Plus I liked the climbing skill and the tension of trying.

I guess it was cool, except when it wasn’t!

Love these little videoes about vision and such - such a great way to build interest.

Microsoft just announced that their Xbox and Bethesda show is on June 12th. We’ll hopefully see some Starfield then.

Are we at the point here we can post rumors? I mean, sans official stuff, may as well?

I’d expect a lot more Starfield info & footage in June…

The entire thing obviously breaks his NDA working at Bethesda, why would he be concerned about leaking manual flight? That smells fishy to me. I do love a good leak, though!

I think it’s the same person leaking the next Elder Scrolls stuff as well, since they’ve moved on from Bethesda, I’m guessing they just don’t care about NDA.

EDIT: Correction, I am wrong. Supposedly the other leaker was a separate person. Who knows.

And delayed to H1 2023. Bugger.

Helium one? source?

Half 1 2023, i.e. Jan-Jun. Source is literally everywhere on the internet right now. Take your pick.

Wait, are you telling me a game that we’ve never even seen an official screenshot for that supposed to be out in six months is delayed!? Color me shocked!

I think this means Xbox has no more new exclusives this year, unless Forza releases.

Here’s the link:

Thanks for the sources - bummer.