Stargate, attempt #3

So they’re making a new series, apparently, called Stargate Universe. Considering how much Atlantis sucked and how awesomely original the name of the 3rd series is, how could anything possibly go wrong?


I like Atlantis. It’s dumb and cheesy but in a good way. And sometimes there are some pretty good CGI scenes.

At least Atlantis is more entertaining than SG1, which really should have wrapped up two seasons ago. As far as I’m concerned, Stargate has been what Star Trek should have been for the last decade, but another spin-off?

  • Alan

Anyone see the Atlantis where Sheppard pulled a Sam Fisher and hung upside down from the rafters in the dark to shoot some baddies? He was wearing night vision goggles and everything. The show doesn’t always succeed, but it definitely tries to do a lot of cool stuff.

They need to stop it now. Just stop. Give it some time and maybe bring it back again later. Look at what happen to Star Trek when they just kept making serie after serie, the fans got tired of it all. Same thing is happening now to Stargate.

Nah, I’m not tired of Stargate at all. Enterprise and Voyager just fucking sucked, that’s all. SG-1 and Atlantis both have some bad eps, but the characters are still likable, and they do have some really good ones every now and again.

I won’t mention how it went, but I will say that the ending to SG-1 (which has already aired in Britain) is really good. Sort of an All Good Things/Sleeping in Light sort of deal, except that nothing could be as good as Sleeping in Light. Great ep anyway, though, and the ones leading up to it were also high on the scale.

Thanks for the info. I was planning on watching even though I had stopped being a faithful viewer since O’neal left the show. Is Jack back much for the last shows?


No, he isn’t, but British/Bittorrent threads on other forums have the general consensus that Vala and Mitchell both come into their own in the second half of the season. Maybe it’s just that they’d finally been there long enough, or maybe the writing got a lot better. Either way, it became Stargate: SG-1 instead of Stargate: Farscape. If you’d stopped watching it, I’d highly recommend coming back for at least the last 3-4 episodes.

Thanks for the info again. I actually liked the new cast additions but when I saw the King Arthur and the Holy Grail episodes I just sort of gave up. It was beyond goofey. Or maybe it was just a simple matter of getting tired of saving the universe from a new villain…although how you get around that necessity I have no idea. So if Jack doesn’t return again, I take it that he and Carter don’t hook up and settle down on the farm and live happily ever after? Actually don’t bother answering, I’d rather not have it spoiled.

I liked Ben Browder and Claudia Black in the SG:1 universe from the moment they were introduced. It’s good to know they come into their own in the final eipsodes. I was kind of hoping they’d get to continue as the nucleus of the Stargate:Universe cast.

Not sure what to think about Stargate:Universe at this point. Not being a prequel or set in the future pretty much limits it to being Stargate:SG2 doesn’t it? I mean, Atlantis (which is a decent show, the Wraith are a great enemy) has a lock on the whole “transported to another Universe and stuck there” idea, so this new show would need a different angle.

Maybe they’ll travel to different universes. Stargate: Sliders.

I saw an interview with the creators, and it spoke of the “9th chevron” being involved, the 8th being what got them the distance calculation to Atlantis.
Dunno, time travel?

the Wraith are a great enemy

You really think so? I don’t mean that in one of those “What, are you on crack?” type rebuttals, just that as an enemy, I always found they suffered from the same problem as the Goa’uld - needing just one character to say “Look, we’ve kicked your arses every time we’ve met, so knock off the drama already…” Overdramatic, underpowered, and just really, really annoying. Halitosis isn’t scary.

I liked Mitchell and Vala from SG1 though. Didn’t miss O’Neill at all. How they finally dealt with the Ori - possibly the least threatening enemy in the series, regardless of their claimed power - although I guess there’s room to redeem it in the movie.

Well an enemy that is too strong to be defeated would be pretty silly on a TV show like Stargate. The Wraith ARE stronger when in numbers, so the writers have had to come up with ways to even the odds by thinning the ranks (i.e. Wraith on Wraith battles, lone hive ships, etc.).

The Wraith have a scary power, big ships, a deadlock on the star system and a nicely fleshed out background (involving the bugs and humanoid hosts evolving over time). Since SG:1 already had the Goa’uld and the Jaffar (all powerful generals with large scale humaniod armies) they needed something more alien for Atlantis. The Wraith fit in nicely. They aren’t the greatest “evil space creatures” ever, but they’ll do.

Sure, it’d be silly, but for an omnipresent threat, they just seem dumb. They’re strong in numbers, but so is anyone with a handful of ships against one not particularly well fortified location - it never really seemed enough to hit Atlantis’ oh-so-frequent moral lows (the business with Michael, backstabbing the Genaii rebellion, genetic weapons and so on).

For me, the problem with Atlantis is that there’s no ‘point’ to it. Big-plot wise, Stargate had a fun curve of humanity starting out weak and crap and then growing into a galactic superpower, but the Atlantis team is just there doing… well… ‘stuff’. It turned me off in the first episode when they arrived, finally, in the city of the ancients that they’d been searching for so long… and instantly buggered off back to the woods just outside Vancouver. Aaargh!

And of course, since then, they’ve done their best to avoid doing anything with the city itself - the universe’s greatest puzzle-box shunted aside with easy controls, and most of the action taking place firmly outside. The occasional new room full of an episode’s storyline aside, the whole place is just the SGC with an ocean overview.

I just don’t get it. I watch it, because some of the episodes are fun, but it’s never struck me as anything more than a watchable wasted opportunity.


I’m glad they’re doing this. The thing I loved about SG-1 was the premise and setting. First, the idea of contemporary Earth dealing with aliens and such on an exploratory, military, and diplomatic level. They then take it a step further and say that aliens have influenced all of human history. That’s what made it so fun. I have no interest in Atlantis because it takes Earth out of the picture. Without that, they were pretty much stuck with a generic science fiction show. The Wraith make no sense insofar as the original premise of Stargate is concerned, and neither do all the human cultures they’re running into on the other side of the Universe.

SG-1 left a lot of loose ends behind every season, so there are definitely plot threads to pick up. Maybe it will star all the OTHER SG units? In the blurb they keep saying it’s going to be completely separate without actually saying what the focus WILL be, but the Stargate concept and setting is so great that I’m glad they aren’t dropping it. Stargate: SG-1 got tired, true, but I think that has more to do with the fact that setting aside, it’s a character-based show, and there’s only so much you can do with four main characters.


Ok so honestly, what’s going to happen…? cause with all the technology they got from the Asgard, humans should be able to build ships fast with ease, go kick the Wraith’s ass in Pegasus, stop by the replicator planet on the way and put it into a time dilation field or just drop it into a black hole… Or at the very least they could drop a few scientists into a time dilation field for a few “decades” and have them spur all kinds of cool advances in a matter of microseconds.

Maybe it’ll be more locally focused then, like some kind of political intrigue and drama as the Fifth Race tries to become the new guardian of the galaxy? Maybe the stargate program will finally get revealed so everyone on Earth can use the cool Asgard technology (sign me up for the teleporter!)?

It’d be cool if it was about the SGC going public and the consequences of that, but it’s far more likely that they’ll be investigating the Asgard technology or some other Macguffin, and get thrown into another universe or whatever’s going to happen.