Starship Troopers: Extermination: multiplayer-only coop shooter

I had a lot of fun with this game. But is somewhat barebones, I want to play the a version with more content. A invasion in a spaceship, or a siege defense mode, more gadgets.

Is great to play a 16 players coop game, we need more games with this kind of experience.

No co-ed after mission showers. :(

Roadmap has been updated , anyone playing?

I don’t exactly know when this will come out of early access, it looks like they have update plans going into 2025.

I was playing this a bunch, but then at some point the devs broke all the network code, or at least it stopped playing smoothly. I’m waiting until it’s done now.

Pretty much the same here. I was having fun with it, even with my teammates constantly arguing over base design, but at some point between the stupid mutators they added and the lag, whether graphical or network or both I suddenly wasn’t having as much fun and shelved it. Its the same bug killing insanity that is in Helldivers 2, but with more players and base building too. Yet HD2 is wildly popular and this game dropped off the map fairly quickly.

I wonder what’s going through these guys’ heads right now. They should be out there trying to get all the people who can’t log on to Helldivers.

I think they released this into early access with too little content, and then couldn’t keep a solid flow of updates to maintain interest.

Wonder in which phase of the roadmap they are going to leave early access.

The game really needs to hit 1.0 in terms of more content and polish and then a major promotion then to get the hype back.

It may also be too late.

I guess no one is following this, here is a update trailer for the classes, it was released almost 4 weeks ago. :smiley:

I think a large part is that Helldivers captured the feel of Starship Troopers better than Starship Troopers did

Stuff like this from the OG lead in Starship Troopers probably doesn’t help this game at all. :smiley: