Starship Troopers: Extermination: multiplayer-only coop shooter

Coöp shooter, maybe a bit like the Aliens: Fireteam one. Would need to have reasonable SP for me.

Some time to go yet. EA in 2023.

So another game based on the movie version. Which is fine I guess, though not terribly interesting to me, especially when I think about what could have been. Something like an update of Terra Nova with heavy powered armor, and other aliens than just bugs! Maybe someday.

Is the Starship Troopers license especially cheap these days? Or are gamers especially enamored of licensed sci-fi flicks from 1997? Frankly, I would have thought there would be official games made out of The Fifth Element, Men In Black, Event Horizon, Relic, The Mimic, Contact, or Gattaca before a second Troopers game came out.

Unless the co-ed shower scenes in Starship Troopers: Terran Command are especially visually stunning, fun, and immersive.

Narrator: They were not.

For a game all about shooting bugs, and a trailer that spent 80% of the time shooting at bugs, I’m not sure I saw even one react in any way to those bullets.

To be fair it took clips and clips to bring one down in the movie but that was the absurd charm of the movie, kids dropped in giant gaggles, given pea shooters to take down a ridiculous threat, but how that translates to a game, I’m not sure. If you could shoot off the legs and have the bugs dynamically drag around etc would be good, like how Doogie takes one apart in the lab.

Some description from PCG. Coming from the Squad people.

Hmm. From Offworld Industries, the studio that developed Squad? Now you have my attention.

I’m kinda shocked that we’ve had so many horde shooters, and yet no one has thought of this before.

It’s like the most obvious one!

I wonder if the guns will randomly alternate from requiring a tsunami of lead to take out a single bug (poured on from, like, 15 people), to mowing down hordes effortlessly a few scenes levels later.

Perhaps they were just noobs that needed to level up a bit? Yeah… in retrospect the action in Starship Troopers was as videogamey as it comes.

Squad is v. good.

Excited for this, just based on the developer pedigree

I wish the new hardware generation would usher in more physics based animation in general - richer interaction of jointed bodies with the world.

On one hand I can understand wanting to put all the resources into getting as many bugs on screen as possible, but on the other hand, one of the best parts of the movie were how bullets would rip chunks out of the bug shells, there’s stuff oozing out and splatter, limbs would get ripped off and they’d still keep coming - Rico gets stabbed in the leg that way IIRC.

There’s also that classic PSA where they demo this:

I mean… if you like the setting.

I think it may just be the visors but those troopers remind me of ODST from the Halo games. I only remember the soldiers having open helmets in the movies, is this a new design? Not a huge deal I guess, but kind of distracting.

Probably saves on having to do realistic face models…

More info on gameplay. Looks ok but no SP so not for me I don’t think.

Anyone pick this up yet? I often watch MoiDawg’s Squad videos and he was very positive on this game, so I’ll likely jump in soon.

I’m having a blast with this, especially when grouped with friends. It’s definitely early access so looking forward to see how it develops.

I picked it up tonight, looking for something else to play that focuses on PvE .


Hit rank 5 after 2 hours of play, solid foundation here. Wish the hold and defend base portions were longer, also more turrets and more bugs. :)