Starship Week sets the controls for the heart of Windsor and Warsaw

Title Starship Week sets the controls for the heart of Windsor and Warsaw
Author Bruce Geryk
Posted in Features
When October 18, 2013

We got to the end of Starship Week but still had a day left, which I'll chalk up to the weird time disconnect that happens during faster-than-light travel..

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Coulda swore the message of Starship Week had something to do with explosions.

(Nice series, Bruce.)

So many old games that I haven't thought of for a long time. Metamorphosis Alpha, Alien Space.

Thanks for the time machine, Bruce.

My starship of the day: one of the warships from the BattleSpace PnP game, a BattleTech spinoff. They looked cool: In the Battletech universe, use of warships is nearly unheard of, 'cause they don't know how to make them anymore, and because of the Ares convention against planetary bombardment and what not. The BattleSpace game was a metaphor for the status of Warships in the BT universe: it was so complicated and had so many errors, the game box probably just gathered dust in the closet of everyone who bought it.

I think you need to reverse the ** and *** footnotes, Mr. Geryk.

Great article Doc, you have a talent for evoking time and place, at least for those of us of a certain age who enjoyed games in our youth. I also enjoyed your articles this week on The Awful Green Things from Outer Space. I'd never heard of the game, but after reading your play through and watching one on Youtube, I've ordered it from Amazon to give it a go with my children. I've had mixed success trying to get them interested in board games but I suspect they'll enjoy that one, I'm pretty sure I will.