State of Decay 2: the first four

Russell was one of the first four people in our group. He was our soldier. You could tell he was military, and not just because he had a badass sniper rifle and wore camo. You could tell because it said so on his character panel.

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Damn. That was good.

So SoD2 is a thumbs up? Trying to avoid too much info.

Now that I realize what it lacks, I can’t play the first State of Decay anymore :(

Watching the stream, @Alistair, I would say that Tom is enjoying the game a heck of a lot.

I feel like a link should be posted to this game diary on Patreon.

Reviews are mixed, Eurogamer going so far as to give it the rare “AVOID” rating. A lot of that sounds like technical problems, but they weren’t too keen on the game underneath either.

Sounds like they didn’t like the original either, though, so not surprising.

State of Decay 1 , was given a 8/10 by Eurogamer.

Different reviewer though. SoD 2 review ends with:

It does sound like they’ve done disappointingly little to improve on the original, especially when it comes to polish. But on the other hand it seems like if you could handle the flaws of the original you’ll probably get something out of this one. And Brad from GiantBomb seemed to think the management side was much improved, which is what I’m interested in. Haven’t had a chance to watch Tom’s streams yet.

Frankly, You pick the perfect phrase to sum up that writing.
I felt like I knew more about the reviewer’s stance toward the first game (which I don’t agree with), than about the current game.
The text read often as just a description of the game, with the marketing words swapped with derogative adjectives.

I think SOD 2 ultimate edition is worth it. Even if they sell the DLCs later, it’ll end up costing you less if you get it in the bundle. Plus the gear you get looks pretty helpful as well so you can get a bit of a headstart on your community etc.

is the Ultimate Edition gear a 1-time 1-shot consumable bonus? or one that’s present if you start new playthroughs?

How is the multiplayer experience?

My brother and I are playing PC games together online for the first time in forever. I’d be playing a lot of solo and some multiplayer with him, when he has time. Would he still have a good time jumping into the occasional multiplayer session with me, if he’s not also playing solo regularly/frequently? Would I have to think about limit my solo time somewhat in order to have a good multiplayer experience with him?