State of Decay 2 - Time is your worst enemy


I activated my game pass, and started this download.

But man, at the rate this is downloading from the Windows Store, it’s going to take all night, maybe even all weekend.

Maybe playing this on the PC tonight is not on the cards. I could download it on Xbox and try it there once the family goes to bed. Games of this size usually take less than 15 minutes to download on Xbox.


Appreciate your thoughts on the game. A lot of those things bother me too. The zombies that teleport into an area you just cleared seems really lazy to me. I’l wait on this one.


I haven’t played the second game, but I take issue with this as a criticism of the game. In the first one, you never controlled the map. The map was controlled by the corpses. But you got familiar with the layout of the land and the behaviour of its fauna, and eventually learned how to carve yourself a place into this world. Those times were you felt overconfident and got in over your head always meant some thrilling survival action.
Persistence and systematic eradication of the zombies would have made State of Decay a much different game, and one I wouldn’t have cared for.


Well how do you feel about how Rebuild handles population and migration? You can clear an area but periodic hordes then threaten you from the neighboring areas.


A little gotcha I just discovered (if I’m diagnosing it correctly). When clearing a building, take care to drop extra rucksacks well outside the radius. Otherwise when you clear it (i.e. of all zombies and searchables) it will reset as cleared and delete the rucksacks.

At least, that’s what I think just happened to me. Lost two rucksacks that had been sitting on a porch for no more than a minute.


I decided to refund this (which I’m guessing may be futile) largely based on the stuff you described. The entire thing smacks of laziness. There are the same bugs from the first game still rearing their head 5 years later, that is inexcusable IMHO.

Also I don’t really mind the zombies are legion basically and continue to creep in after you “clear” an area but the literal teleportation within viewing distance is comically lame. Like they just beamed down from another dimension 10 ft away from you. Especially the ones that appear when opening boxes etc. too loudly.

Likewise, the base defense leaves much to be desired with the non-functional watch towers. The game is a step backward in many ways from the first game and other than map size and slightly updated graphics adds nothing new to the equation.

I never played the expansions for the first game so I’m inclined to pick up Year One for like what? 7 dollars I think you can it now in bundles than dropping 30 on this turd that needs polishing, big time.


I must confess I haven’t enjoyed any other zombie themed game besides State of Decay. Probably because its take is along the lines of “it’s all over”?
It’s also the only openworld game I really enjoyed. So it’s in a very special spot for me, and may be why I feel weirdly protective of what I feel are its unique mechanics.
I played the first Rebuild a bit, but like I would have played any city builder casually, with little regard to what was going on. Some jerk would probably tell me I played it wrong, and to put that difficulty slider to the max immediately — but I feel safe on these forums.


I don’t know if you saw in earlier this thread or another about SoD1, but all the items @Spect mentioned rang true for me and yet I loved SoD1 and played the heck out of it. I will probably give SoD2 a shot, but I am familiar with zombie lore where they can walk, sometimes run, but not really teleport. The same thing happened to me in Far Cry 2…there’s a good game in there, but I’d clear an outpost but come back five minutes later and have to retake it…very tedious.


I absolutely love the teleporting mechanic. Not because of the teleport (I am not that silly!), but because of the way it happens: if you leave the zombies be, humans and zeds can all get along quite fine. If you kick the ants’ nest though, it will bite you back. I really enjoyed the game for asking me to do what, I guess, most people would do: sneak around and try to avoid confrontation unless forced, because it is tiring to fight, and you don’t want to ruin your health. I was quite surprised to see on his streams of both games that Tom was so reliant on guns: I barely ever used them at all during all my playtime, because of the escalation they brought — firing them sure brought action to Tom’s streams.
I didn’t feel pain or frustration around the zombies spawning. It felt always fair when it happened, even if I felt panic when, in some context, I wasn’t in control at all.
Your post makes me very curious about Far Cry 2, I must confess! If you are asked to retake those outposts each time, I understand the frustration, but can’t you simply run by them? That is that difference I enjoy in SoD.


You can absolutely bypass the outposts in Far Cry 2 if you consider your route to your target, and especially is you make smart use of river boats.


Yeah, I don’t really get the complaint either. The zombie menace is just there in SoD. It always will be. You’re not getting rid of it, you’re scraping together a living, which can disappear in an instant if you let your guard down or get too tired.


I think the problems are more about respawn rate and teleporting. You can clear an area and have no zombies anywhere near a building, but once you go into the building and start making noise there are suddenly zombies? Nobody has issues with zombies migrating and slowly overrunning areas you previously cleared, that’s all part of a zombie apocolypse. They just shouldn’t be magically summoned as if the whole game has a Necromancer or bastard GM behind it


This isn’t my clip, but it did make me laugh.

Jank, what jank?


Yes, it’s a totally valid point, see how Rebuild handles it. And it doesn’t mean I don’t like the game it’s just an observation. SoD1 pretty much ruled my life for a month.

However I’ll accept that there are also just different perspectives on this and appreciate @Left_Empty explaining his. It’s interesting that he reaches a peace with the Z… that’s kind of beautiful in a way I hadn’t thought about before, like man coexisting with animals. I’d always thought the endgame for an apocalypse sim was either you take the world or it takes you.


There’s a radio broadcast in SoD2 by some enclave or whatever that says a few poignant lines on this subject; that the zombies will always be there, and mankind will simply have to adapt to co-existing with them. That life going forward will be about survival explicitly, not domination.


That was something that actually stood out to me in the first game. If you looked at the map there and counted the houses you could extrapolate that it had a population of a few hundred people at most. Add in tourists and outside people there would have been a thousand zombies present at most.

Assuming that survivors would kill only ten zombies a day on average (which is far less than the game usually manages), it would take at most four months to clear out the entire valley.

Doing the same for any metropolis with millions of zombies would be out of the question, but a small city with a few ten thousand zombies at most could be cleared out by a small group of survivors within a few years.

I was sorta hoping that there would be a game mode with a zombie counter in this game so that you could work towards a goal besides just surviving.


I am enjoying this game so far. I see the jenk everyone is talking about, but the base building and resource management seems balanced pretty well to me. I can see all of @Spect comments as true for the most part, but I see them in a different light I guess?

The re-spawning zombies is annoying as hell. It is especially annoying when you are in your base with 9 other survivors, and constantly being interrupted by one wandering zombie. Also, most of my conversations in cars go like this: “So anyway, I was saying… Hold on! I have to deal with this! OK, where was I? Oh yes I… Wait! Have to take care of this issue…So, as I was saying…”

Companions Dying - I’ve had that happen once so far, and it was actually a big bummer, but totally my fault. One thing this game does better then any game I can think of in recent history is force me to use my consumables instead of hoarding them! I can’t stress this enough, but every fight is made far easier with a stack of firecrackers and 2 Molotov. And they are both cheap to make! Zombie stupid is very exploitable in this game, and your use of expendable items plays a much larger role in this game. My typical play style in any RPG, open world game is to hoard hoard hoard! But you really need to let loose and use those items.

The radio calls I pretty much ignore unless it’s one of three things: 1) another enclave that are friendly to me. 2) the rare trader who might have a decent gun or car upgrade, 3) a "?"that is nearby and I have an open bed. Everyone else is on their own.


But Rebuild has a totally different structure. In Rebuild you are clearing out areas permanently and (hopefully) constantly expanding your base until you take over the map. In SoD you’re scavenging the map for resources but you’re not materially expanding your base area. The world outside your relatively small base stays dangerous.


Yes, that’s true. However I don’t think it helps my suspension of disbelief when the mechanics don’t honor simple logic. As @Wo1verine said above, it’s not about there being zombies in the world, heck that’s why we play. It’s they way they populate; if you like it the way it is, that’s cool. Some of us think it’d be more convincing with a different approach.


Yeah but in Rebuild the zombie hoards roam in from the outside of the city towards whatever zones you have secure and you have a few turns warning. If they followed SOD2’s model, you would clear out a building next to your base ready for expansion and next turn it would have a hoard out of nowhere.