Steam added a bunch of mods and games into my list

I don’t want these games. Why do they pushed it to me? Do you see the same thing? Games like Age of Chivalry, American’s Army 3, etc… How can I remove them!

same here , if I recall correctly, the last time it happened they eventually went away.

sometimes you can try games out for free for a period of time - thats probably it.

breach of privacy I say!

or, it stresses me out that I have so many games to play… I will sue!!!

Hasn’t there been like at least 3 other threads moaning about something like this in the past?

What? He then dared to make a new one?! Call the cops, we got an emergency here! bastard!

It’s the perils of summer, after all, so let the moaning continues lest we spend more in Steam!

I blame the early morning… I really didn’t mean it in a snarky way :)

Just meant it seems Steam has been doing things like this for a while.

I blame the heat for my somewhat snarky reply :-D

I got a laugh out of it at least :p

Also is it hot over there too? Hasn’t dropped below 22 here for god knows how long, I mean it was nice to begin with but now it’s just getting ridiculous.

Ah, the Irish. The only nation on Earth who complain incessantly about the weather regardless of what it’s like.

we have close to 30 degree celcius right now, which I believe in 88 fahrenheit…and due to humidity, its killing me, especially in an office with no airconditioning

I stay in the tropics, very near the equator line, and 30C with huge humidity is a daily affairs! (365 days a year!)

Don’t ya know it ;)

We’ll be in the 90s all week, which is hot for Ohio. This is why I left Alabama, but it followed me!

Yes, this thread is better dedicated to the weather. The Steam games will go away.

Heh, the Steam games are as unpredictable as the weather, eh?

So, how do I get rid of them again?

Some people are seeing duplicates of Civ4 and its expansions in their Steam game lists. AFAIK, there’s never been any indication of the glitch being fixed, but it may happen in one of the numerous updates they send down the pipe. It does bring to mind an omission in the Steam interface, though – the ability to hide games in your list.

Summer has been a bit lacking here so far but we are apparently due for sunny with temperatures in the mid-20s this week. Woo!

The duplicate Civ4 is the version for the Mac.

The duplicates showed up in my list before the Mac version of Steam was even released. In any case, having Mac versions of a game listed on a PC install of Steam is rather pointless and clutters up the list. It’s either a bug or poor design.

Actually, you can limit it to show only games you have installed, ones you’ve recently played or ones you’ve set as favorites. The “all games” choice includes the ones Steam thinks you should buy, however.