Steam deck and iPhone hotspot for WiFi?

I think I’ve lost 50 brain points since I’ve been in the hospital because I can’t figure out how to have my wonderful new steam deck connect to my phone so I can do the initial install. Hospital WiFi keeps timing out after 15 minutes, so I thought I’d try a hot spot instead. But I have no. Idea how to configure it, if it’s even possible.

In your iPhone: Settings > personal hotspot
Enable “allow others to join” and set a password
Don’t have a steam deck, but your phone should show up on the available network list

Google it. Multiple Reddit threads on the subject.

Your phone plan has to support it I believe, so depending on that you could be running into issues. Otherwise I just do what @Misguided recommended. It does work with the Stem Deck, have done it before.

People are having issues doing it, that’s why I said read the Reddit threads.