Steam fall sale (11/26/14 –12/1/14), as told by .... Paypal?

Just got an email from Paypal telling me when Steam’s fall sale is going to be. The want me to buy prepaid cards through them. In any case Paypal, thanks for telling me the dates! Maybe the fall sale dates don’t change so maybe it’s no surprise.

More than 3700 titles will be on sale. Also if I recall from last year, prices that were 75% off during the fall sale , were the exact same price during the winter sale.

Also a gif, because…

Thanks for the heads up!

And based on last year, you have to wait a whole 2.5 weeks before the Winter Sale if you happen to miss the Fall Sale! I guess the former is “buy gifts for Christmas” and the latter is “buy yourself gifts that others ended up not getting you for Christmas” sale.

I did learn an important lesson regarding the fall sale vs the christmas one. If the game is on sale during the fall sale (like daily / hourly deal) then buy it. It will not be cheaper in the christmas sale and may not even get down the fall-sale price.