Steam Summer Sale 2022

This is not a money saved question, more seeking advice on how to spend my limited time. I’m interested in getting a worker placement game, and I have my eye on Axes and Acres and Raiders of the North Sea. I watched Tom’s 'splainer on Axes and Acres and if you still can’t save during a phase or between phases that is a ‘no’ for me. Appreciate your advice. And no, get both isn’t the answer I’m looking for ;-)

Glad I checked – apparently I bought Old World on EGS at some point and just never played, hah

Both are equally good, although Raiders is a bit more polished. The save issue in Axes was addressed shortly after Tom’s video was recorded, and you can save at any time.

That is good news @Sonoftgb, thanks

A combination of sadness over current events, some unexpected extra money in my pocket and a lot of stuff I’m excited about in my wishlist hitting historic lows led to this:

Wait…what have you done with Brian Rubin? There is nary a space game in that list!


War on the Sea any good as a throwback WW2 Pacific game? Currently at lowest price.

So far I’ve tried:

And they are both very fun and promising.

Not being snarky - how can you play co-op shooters where nobody else is playing? According to Steamdb, neither one of these games has gotten much traction.

…it becomes single player at that point?

I was wondering if a game designed for co-op play would work as a single player experience. Maybe it’s implied that it does, but I can’t help but feel it would be a lesser experience playing solo (however, it still may be very good).

Ahem…Every game that @BrianRubin plays takes up some space!

That’s solid advice. I think my line might be closer to 60%, but if I am not willing to pull the trigger when a game is cheap I must not have wanted it anyway.


I’ve realized that I tend to find a game that I like and play it for months. Looking at my Steam played list, I’ve played about 12 games since 2019, and 90% of my playing time is only four or five games.

Meanwhile, I’ve bought 15+ games that I’d like to play, and some of those will take a while if I start them (Skyrim, Witcher 3). Steam ain’t going anywhere, and games I want are only going to get cheaper or surpassed by a sequel. No need to buy them now.

Plus, the Pacific Time Night Gaming Curse really hits multi-player and co-op games hard. I love playing co-op, so I often wish-list those games but never buy them because there’s nobody to play with.

So with these realizations, I’ve used this Steam Sale to severely prune back my Wish List. It is now 10 games and three expansions. Four of those are Early Access games that I’m keeping an eye on, but have no intention of buying yet. With some Early Access overlap, four are pairs of very similar games where I’ll buy the market victor (Hell Let Loose vs. Post Scriptum; Ground Branch vs. Ready or Not).

Two of the expansion packs are for Zombie Army 4. Am I really going to go back & play that more? One of the games is Gunner Heat PC, which I already play as a Patreon supporter, it’s just on my list to help it out in Steam’s store algorithms.

The only game I’m seriously considering buying is Ready or Not. That would be more of a Patreon-like support buy. It’s only $4 off, so the savings is not a big motivator. I hesitate because I have to face the reality that playing it co-op is what I really want, but it’s a niche game, so it is almost certain to be a single-player game for me.

Monster Catching RPG

Decided to take the plunge and buy stuff on my wishlist that’s 66% or more off (as was suggested here maybe?).

Same question. Initial review were lots of grognard detail, awful interface… But it was a released 15 months ago, so perhaps some things have been fixed?

Pretty low key sale for me this year. I just picked up Warlock 2 + dlc, and the rest of the Northgard dlc that I didn’t have.