Steam Thanksgiving Sale Damage Thread


EA has been doing their own Black Friday specials on Origin, so it could be worthwhile to check them out.


Isn’t that out of date? I thought prices were roughly the same between the two sales these days. It’s hard to remember.




This is one of the main reasons I love members of this forum. :)


Sale going on again on the Ubi store too, Far Cry Primal will be mine! When I get time to buy it later today.


I dunno about that one, but there’s another one, “Her Story” I think? that is supposed to be great.


Is Her Story HD? I remember the videos being relatively low res, but I never did the source file thing. Contradiction might well have been HD.


Budget is up to 400$, the only thing I have in my wishlist is Pepper’s Puzzles. Bring it on Steam.

I skipped that one, did you get anything else for doing it?


Don’t forget about Origin Access. $5 a month to play several games, including recent ones like Mass Effect: Andromeda, Titanfall 2, Star Wars: Battlefront, Battlefield 1, and Garden Warfare 2. I used it to play Andromeda last month, a game I would have regretted buying if I had spent the sale price on, but for $5 I didn’t really mind.


Just these so far:


Yeah, I’m considering it. I just noticed that Origin has a 10 hour trial thing, never saw that before, so I’mma give that a go first.


Definitely some steam hiccupping going on, as I saw several titles at discount and then they are back to normal price.


Only 15% off for recent indie beat 'em up Fight 'N Rage. 37% off for Strategic Command WWII, which is decent for a Matrix game.

I could wait until the winter sale, but I might as well buy them to clear out my wishlist.


Bomber Crew and Stars in Shadow seem like safe bets.


I have the same problem with this sale as I have had with every sale for the past couple of years, which is: Several very interesting looking games from my wishlist are on 66% or better discount. In the old days this would have meant insta-buy, but these days with Humble Monthly Bundles, other Humble Bundles, Fanatical Daily Deals, Fanatical Bundles and various Indie Bundles on other sites…I can’t help but feel like pulling the trigger now, even for less than $5, means that I’m certain to see the same game in a bundle or sale for far less very shortly. My 700+ game backlog means I have no urgency to play the games I do purchase, which in turn means why not wait for it to hit 80% off or a bundle?

Does that count as sucking all the fun out of the thread? @stusser, a ruling? ;-)


I bought a $10 terrain DLC for FSX.

And I bought Grim Dawn from Humble last night for $8.

I’m good. XCOM2 DLC and BG Deadlock are $30 on sale, which is still too much for me now. Cold Waters isn’t even on sale.


Steam links are super cheap now. Probably USA only.

Is there a way to buy the Pinball FX2 tables? They don’t seem to be listed on the store anymore. FX3 doesn’t run well on my computers.


Oh, was just gonna say that the Steamlink is $4.99 again so I grabbed one. And FTL for like $3. Mostly excited to try the SL for an easy way to game from sofa and/or bed.


Good luck with the Steam Link. Just fyi it is not really usable with wifi. So make sure you have a wired connection. Everyone told me this before I bought mine but I didn’t really listen. They were right. If you are planning to use it with wifi then be aware its janky. But $5 so no REAL loss :)


Anyone having a problem with Steam reviews loading? I have no reviews loading and it states there are no games that fit my filters (but they are set to all games).

I would have thought that if the Steam servers are overloaded it would not have anything show up.