Steamworld Quest - RPG Fantasy Card Game

This just got announced, coming to Switch in 2019, other console releases yet to be revealed (but are assuredly coming).

This looks like it could be amazing. I really liked Steamworld Dig 1 and 2 and just wrapped and loved Heist, but a fantasy RPG that uses turn-based, card battles? Oh, I’m in.

And as you would expect, it looks delicious.

Slay the Steamy Spire

Yeah, my first thought was Slay the Spire as well, except I don’t think this is roguelike at all. I get more of a Battlechasers vibe from it, gameplay wise (and strong art style wise, I suppose).

I hope it isn’t a roguelike. I like the idea of cultivating and improving decks over the course of a whole game.

If their previous games are any indication, it won’t be.
So fucking (oh!) looking forward to this.

It’s being billed as an RPG, I really don’t think this will even be rogue-adjacent.

As someone who usually hates card based games, I’ll buy this immediately. Image & Form never disappoints me.

Has there been a good card-combat based RPG since Baten Kaitos?

Image and Form has been pretty consistent, and the art looks real nice, so I imagine I’ll get this eventually.

DND 4th Edition?

Card Hunter was pretty cool.

Second Card Hunter. One of the best games of that year. I had hoped they would release a Steam version at some point.

Oh, shit, they did!

I’ll buy any Steamworld game, no questions asked, but this looks especially cool!

I need this, like right now.

Yes, this looks fantastic.

I just learned there was a Steamworld Tower Defense game for the original DS. Still purchasable via the 3DS eshop. WTF how did I miss that??

Whoa. They’ve really come a long way when you think about it. That DSi game came out in 2010.


Also, man, Baten Kaitos was cool as fuck. Gamecube had some weird, but awesome shit on it.

I knew somebody would get my sick burn. Pathfinder 4 lyfe. Also 5th edition is fine too.

I mean I’m pretty hardcore aboard the Fate and Apocalypse World train now and more or less doing my best to leave d20 behind me. . . though I did just get conscripted to help run the winter Mutants & Masterminds campaign for Raleigh Tabletop RPGs, and that’s basically just someone’s weird fever dream about how 3.5 should have been designed. . .

Oh, I had forgotten about this, but IGN just posted a preview based on an hour long demo are making the rounds. It sounds like it’s going to be amazing!

And I haven’t watched it yet, but I looked up on YouTube and found some gameplay: