Stellar Tactics

Is anyone playing this? It’s a mix of some of my favorite genres, but looks kind of janky.

How is the space combat? I liked the combat in Star Wolves. How does it compare?

I have it, and played it a little a few months ago. It was Very early but shows a lot of promise. I’d avoid buying it for anything other than to support it’s creation at the moment.

If you want a game like this and haven’t played it try UnderRail instead.

I have not played Star Wolves but both games are more akin to fallout (the old ones) than anything else I can think of. I didn’t get far enough in Stellar Tactics to see the space stuff though. A quest bugged out on me early on so I decided to shelf it for a while.

Just bought this and started playing. Boy are the colors in this game bright! Also, we are IN SPACE and there are… zombies. How original. :(


Engine is very sluggish. Not related to FPS as far as I can tell, since I am running at 60fps. It is still early access though so things might change.

Zombies? I have it wishlisted but will take a closer look.

Update to Patch 0.144. (Actually a bit higher right now.)

You can now travel between star systems, pick up missions, mine ore, etc. Not sure if there is a dynamic market for goods or not.

I’m still disappointed that the space combat isn’t more like Homeworld/Star Wolves, as was initially promised.

I’m just happy I finally GOT to the spaceship. That spider boss fight was tough.


Have you played this recently and if so, do you think they will ever finish it and is it worth picking up in its current state?



I played it a couple of months ago after its universe update, which adds…basically an entire universe. It’s still a bit janky (at least it was on the old rig, haven’t tried on the new one), but holy shit it has potential. Tons of it.

Seemed like this could use a bump to hear from anyone who has picked this up how it’s looking these days…

Meh. The procedural generation (so far) does not produce interesting levels. If you like roguelikes then this likely will not bother you. Some of the levels also use level scaling, so there is (so far) not much feeling of progress.

Level scaling and roguelike coupled with procedural generation doesn’t sound appealing. I’ll put this one back on the shelf for another year or two.

With StarSector I’ve got what I need.