Stellaris grand strategy space game by Paradox discussy thingy thready thingy


Also the addition of Space Trading.


I’m not going to expect too much from an expansion focused so much on retooling warfare, but I’d be happy to see even a baby step in that direction.


I was going to write that I expect trading to be pretty minimal, but then I thought of a couple of things:

  1. Starbases can be specialized on boosting trading
  2. One of the reasons they went with hyperlanes only was to allow for things like consistent trade paths
  3. They haven’t announced much in terms of DLC features so far, mostly the massive patch features

So maybe we will have some kind of decent trade mechanic, traced along the hyperlane and boosted by star bases?


Those are all good points, Mike. Expectations low, optimism high is how I’m gonna roll! :)


That’s a wise approach!


Expectations low I can do. Optimism high is the hard part for me… ;)


Low Expectations. The staple of any Rimworld experience :)


Latest patch is apparently very buggy with a few features (like population relocation) broken.



“This is a known bug, shake the [game] window and all missing things will show up.”


Will this game allow me to track my head as an in game avatar like starcitizen?

If not, no buy!

More seriously, are these changes coming to the Base game, which is what I have?


Yes, to everyone.


They turned it into a reverse etch-a-sketch?


Bugs are fucking weird sometimes. I think moving the window forces a redraw, but they should fix it soon.


Years ago, I started a thread “patched games worth a second look”. One of the top candidates was a SOTS. So I started playing the game with all the expansions and all the major patches. It is in virtual tie with MOO2 as my favorite 4x Space game. In asking QT3 and reading other comments, it seems like the well-polished gem that I started playing, started off as a lump of coal.

I think Tom’s review was quite fair to Stellaris at is launch.

But what seems to separate Paradox from most game companies is to put in a lot of work after the fact to improve their games. Some like EU IV and HO IV, simply need polishing and bug fixes. Other like Stellaris need to be reforged.

Once people here start saying I’m seeing some shine on this game, I’ll give it another shot.


you do know the original designer of stellaris is NOT the designer today?

wiz and him have MAJOR differences of how the game should be…ergo, wiz is gonna create ‘his’ vision of the game

just an fyi


Probably a good thing then!


Agree with KC. (Hmm… If I call him Kevin F’ing C, then his initials become KFC).

Stellaris can be a much better game (I have 1100 hours in according to Steam), and Paradox has a history of making these kind of changes.


Fleet Manager DD

Fleet templates and one-click building and dispatching of reinforcements should take a lot of the pain out of building and managing fleets.

Also intrigued that every fleet has a home base, and is “intended to tie into other fleet mechanics planned for Cherryh that we are not quite ready to talk about yet.” Maybe some kind of supply model after all?

The scope of the changes for this update is pretty huge and they haven’t even talked about DLC features yet.


The Fleet Manager might be a minor addition compared to the scope of the other changes, but it is going to be such a huge improvement for me. Trying to keep a fleet composition intact was such a giant pain in the ass and having multiple designs of a hull type could be really annoying to deal with.

I know, right? I’m really looking forward to this expansion. I haven’t even bothered picking up Synthetic Dawn because I’m wanting to play with all these overhauls.


I am also looking forward to the changes.

I have over 1100 hours in this game according to steam.