Stellaris grand strategy space game by Paradox discussy thingy thready thingy

You want to keep Empire sprawl in check with enough administrative buildings, but it’s simply a mechanic to slow down the progress of empires that are large. There is never a situation where you don’t want to take territory or colonies because of sprawl, but outside of the extreme early game, it is better to build an admin building than a research lab if you are over the cap.

Apparently the galaxy I’m playing in is full of jerks:

The best part was I kept getting notifications of my species being on the market while the debate was taking place.

I never found the diplomacy ever worthwhile in stellaris. I just play killbots all the time and at least you know where you stand with everyone.

Id love to play this again, but really after the early game, its just a slog with a huge helping of nothing much interesting happens until the end game crisis.

I’ve been rolling with my favorite killbots in my current game, but that’s more because I hadn’t played since Synthetic Dawn came out and the game has changed just a little bit since then, so having fewer plates to spin has helped with adjusting to that. After one failed start and a bit of save scumming on the second game, about a third of the galaxy is under my control in 2401, and it’ll be about half once I obliterate the pair of fallen empires that have spent the last two centuries glaring at one another.

Mid-game crisis was the rise of a marauder Khanate, and it thankfully wasn’t the one bordering me since I’d killed them all about twenty years earlier. I might go wipe them out at some point, too, if they don’t collapse first.

Two huge federations of all the remaining non-marauder, non-fallen empires are out there, but neither one can even remotely hold a candle to me anymore, especially now that I have some idea of what I’m doing with my economy rather than fumbling around in the dark. They also have an inexplicable tendency to want to kill each other. Looking like a lot of clean-up until the Contingency hits, I crack the L-Cluster, or both, but I’m honestly okay with that for what was always meant to be more of a learning game. Spicing things up can happen later.

I mean, fixing that is literally the entire point of the latest expansion.

I’ve dipped back into this after picking up the latest 2 DLCS having left it alone sometime after Apocalypse dropped. I can’t help but feel there’s a fundamental paradox at the heart of this game in that while each expansion/patch adds and fixes a lot, it simultaneously feels further than ever from being perfect. This has become somewhat muddled with the feeling that while the price for each DLC seems justified at the time, if they’d approached me at the start asking for all this cash up front for these features, I’d have simply balked.

I started a new game playing as a MegaCorp and was having a blast. Unfortunately I got too greedy at the start thinking that fo’ sho’ an overclocked Ryzen 9 would be able to handle whatever I threw at it when I moved the galaxy size slider up to large (not ‘huge’, large!). Getting into the final stretch of the game, the simulation speed has slowed down to a degree I find somewhat intolerable. ‘Fastest’ is now running for me slower than ‘Normal’ did at the start and my patience wears thin.

To be fair they’ve done a good job on the technical side separating the UI entirely from the simulation so you at least don’t ‘feel’ the slowdown when you’re trying to do things, but its still there.

Perhaps I just needed to stick it out a bit longer until the crisis shows up and cleans house a bit but it’s really dragging. I wonder if the combination of the new diplomacy options plus the MegaCorp structure encouraging less genocidal gameplay from myself has resulted in more factions getting to the end stretch than usual.

I really enjoy the game, and I love the roster of species that I’ve built up that I can take into each new galaxy. It always brings a smile to my face seeing the Democratic People’s Republic of Slurm upsetting everyone time and time again, and usually doing poorly as a result. Perhaps Glorious Leader shall one day return and release them from this quagmire.

But for reasons like the above, I don’t think I’ve seen a galaxy through to a ‘proper’ end since launch.

Anyhoo, I’ve since restarted on a ‘normal’ size galaxy as a swarm of ravenous lobsters. I’m hoping that between the smaller galaxy size and the fact that I’m rapidly turning neighbouring empires into empty systems in my quest to create the perfect sapientdog that it won’t get as stuck in the mud.

Out of interest, does anybody play this on anything other than ‘fastest’? Much like Oxygen Not Included I fail to see why there’s even an option when you can always instantly pause. Having to put it back into ‘fastest’ each time I reload is a dumb ritual to go through, at least ONI remembers this setting so I only ever have to do it once.

Have you tried the beta branch? There is a known and terrible performance bug in the live version.

Don’t really play on anything but fastest in Stellaris either. I pause frequently of course, but I suppose the only time I lower the speed is to watch a battle.

Multiplayer, for one. I also play at slower speeds if I’m fighting a multi-front war or things are otherwise really hectic.

Like MisterMourning said, go to the beta branch where the performance bus is reportedly fixed.

I always play at normal speed. Takes forever sure, but I enjoy watching things do their thing. I do bump it up as needed, but mostly at normal. Been forever since I played this game though. Sounds like it’s a good spot to try again.

Thanks for the heads up, this is noticeably better. I’m glad my race of brainslug controlled hyper-capitalist turkeys is free to continue saturating the market once more.

A plumbus in every home!

Yes I thought about multiplayer for the game speed thing, even included it in my original post. Alas that appears to be the latest victim of my “Contemporary Habits Aggrandising Ostensibly Trivial and Insignificant Changes” posting techniques.

Out of interest does this get chosen at the start of the game or does it break out into a tug of war mid-game between the followers of the One True Speed and sluggish malcontents? Though that was easily amongst my favourite meta-scuffles back when I used to play Total Annihilation at LAN parties.

The Mac version is also noticeably slower at Fastest than running it on Windows with the same save.

Fleet composition question, do folks split their smaller ships into separate fleets from their big ships? Was reading this online, apparently the whole fleet will close to the shortest engagement range of the ships in the fleet, so battleships and titans won’t sit back firing at long range?

I’m running the official patch (7.2) and it is not running slowly like 7.1

One month in 2321 with 600 systems takes 13 seconds. My CPU is 8 years old.

If I were going to really seriously powergame the hell out of Stellaris, that’s one of the things I would do. As of right now, I prefer to just roll around with top-heavy mixed fleets that I can generally trust to act independently and handle all threats rather than having death balls of battleships and rapid response fleets of corvettes.

Wondering if I’m running into a bug. I have a planet with a shit ton of unemployed. I think it started when there was a pacifist uprising or something going on, but I have a ton of specialists unemployed. They will demote to workers, but the counter says -893907 (the number keeps going further into negative territory) for the time until they demote. At this point well over half the planet is in this state.

Sound like the timer is bugged, but is the process. You could always expel excess population?

Found the problem:

Went from 56 down to 6 immediately, with the 6 coming from the cave cleaner jobs I’d just dropped.

Started a new game as space parrots with the lost colony origin. Found the ancestors and they are spiritual seekers, so I guess it is true that the bird is in fact the word.

Had the Khan running rampant for a bit in this game until I killed her and took her throne. There is a new Khanate, but they are friendly towards me, I guess because I got the new boss promoted.

Hah, after heading in the last 30 years or so with about a 20k point lead on the fallen empires. One of them woke up. It must have been due the increase in fleet size due to a driven assimilator machine uprising in one of our federation members. While being amazing diplomats, scientists, and engineers my birds apparently are terrible at reading the fine print of legal documents. In signing a galactic peace treaty in one fell swoop we went from a 20k lead to being 20k behind, due to leaving our federation which included everyone left minus the 2 fallen empires, and a machine intelligence and the fallen empire gaining 35k points due to me being a subject empire.

Right after that the Unbidden arrived. I mostly dealt with them, though the awakened empire had a fleet cluster chasing them on the other side of the galaxy when they went through a worm hole. They didn’t finish them off though so after I cleaned up the portal and the fleets in my area I had to head over there and finish off the rest. The second Fallen Empire woke up at this time to be Guardian of the Galaxy, but the threat was defeated before they were able to do anything.

Down to 10 years until the end of the game, and I can’t get them to let me free, so I decide to declare war. I was wondering if they would lose the score points from me being a subject, but only if I win the war I guess. So ends the Confederated Helvan States.

I seemed to do a bit better this game with building up, but I still feel like I’m not expanding enough early game. I was able to grab some choke points and close off some sections to be developed later. i had the strongest economy at the end, but it was fragile. Anything disrupting my trade route would send my energy income crashing. Between killing off the Khan and vassalizing their people and killing off the unbidden it was a pretty fun game. I wonder if I would have made it to 2500 in the lead if we didn’t sign that damn treaty.

What size galaxy do people like to play? Usually I do huge, but that game was a medium galaxy.