Steve Bauman is moving

And apparently to the west coast.

Divulge, Steve, divulge.

Welcome to the best side of the country.

Now go home.


I wish steve would post here. I miss reading him.

Good for him. That is, good for him if the move is because of a new job. Not so good if he’s moving into the “Y” and earning scratch turning tricks in the showers. I’ll hope for the former.

Yeah, why doesn’t Steve post here anymore? Did he stop playing games immediately after the magazine was shut down? Too busy lining up a new job?

Divulge is de best polearm dis side of diglaive.

Now, I appreciate this sort of geeky, dorky humor. Represent!

Well, I know he plays LOTRO at least.

If you are gonna be in southern Cal anytime Steve, please come to Shoot Club!

Steve is a decent guy, I hope everything is going well.

Yeah, I was surprised Steve disappeared. Either:

  1. He just didn’t want to answer a barrage of questions about the magazine shutdown, or
  2. He never really liked us and was just a VM for CGM.

Steve, come back!

“I’m detecting movement in quadrant 4.”
“It’s a Steve!!!”

I hope it’s the first, because I like(d) Steve and he was one of the few posters to agree with me more often than not.

Eh, Steve!

Eh, he’s probably just busy with moving and has sporadic net access. Cross-continent moves tend to get like that.

For what it’s worth, Steve is originally from LA (or thereabouts) so he’s from the west coast. Though he’s not moving back there this time.

I’m sure he’ll come in and tell us what he can when he gets settled in.


Update: I have cleverly deduced that there is a high probability that Steve is on his way to the Seattle area.

The plot thickens!

Guys…Steve and I are on our honeymoon, and we’d appreciate it if you’d quit stalking us.

Steve is moving to his dream job, as a scout for the New York Yankees.